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Elden Ring Weapons Tier List and How to Get Them in 2023


Elden Ring is one of the few games with a ridiculous number of weapons. There are swords, daggers, spears, shields, and much more to use against the most formidable enemies in Elden Ring. With such a large selection of weapons at your disposal, it becomes difficult to figure out the best weapons in Elden Ring. Hence, we have curated the following Weapons Tier List for Elden Ring players.

Types of Weapons Available in Elden Ring

Swords: These are large two-handed weapons with a lot of damage and wide range. They are heavy and slow but effective when attacks are timed right.

Types of Swords: Elden Ring has multiple types of swords, including Greatswords, Straight Swords, Colossal Swords, Curved Swords, Curved Straight Swords, and Heavy Thursting Swords.

Katanas: These are fast, lightweight single-handed weapons. They allow you to land quick and precise strikes that are most effective against single enemies but not much against groups.

Spears: These weapons create distance between you and the enemy using their long range. Spears are effective against giant bosses and world enemies.

Bows: These are ranged weapons that help you attack enemies from a greater distance. They are especially effective against flying enemies. Apart from bows, you can use Greatbows that are more effective in combat.

Types of Bows: Elden Ring has Great Bows in addition to the basic bows you can use.

Crossbows: These are ranged weapons with high damage and are effective against most enemies in Elden Ring.

Shields: These are used for defensive purposes, such as blocking enemy attacks to protect yourself from damage.

Dagger: These weapons allow you to get close to the enemy to deliver quick and precise strikes. Daggers are lightweight and are effective against single enemies, not groups.

Axes: These are two-handed weapons with great damage and wide range. Like Greatswords, Axes are most effective against giant bosses and world enemies.

Hammers: These are heavy two-handed weapons that deal a ton of damage.

Types of Hammers: Elden Ring only has Great Hammers in addition to the basic hammers you can use.

Whips: These are close to mid-range weapons that deal low to moderate damage. Whips aren’t effective against armored enemies and can’t land crits.

Fists: These are close-range weapons worn on your character’s hands. Fists allow you to make rapid attacks on the enemy.

Halberds: These are long, polearm weapons with a blade attached to the end. Halberds can deal heavy damage at close range, but they can also be thrown at the enemy to deal ranged attacks.

Reapers: These are giant reaper sickles you can use for close-range attacks and even deal damage behind shields.

Claws: These are bladed weapons with a curved, serrated edge, made to be worn on the hands for close ranged quick and precise strikes.

Glintstone Staffs: These staffs are used to cast spells in Elden Ring.

Ballistae: These are ranged weapons that do high damage.

Twinblades: These are hack-and-slash weapons that can be wielded in one or both hands.

Colossal Weapons: These are massive weapons that deal a ton of damage but are slow and require Strength to wield.

Weapons Tiers Explained

Our weapons Tier List for Elden Ring is divided into Tiers:

  • S Tier: The best Elden Ring weapons.
  • A Tier: Not the best, but still some of the most powerful weapons in Elden Ring. With the right build, A-Tier weapons become S-Tier.
  • B-Tier: Good weapons, but a good build is needed for increased effectiveness.
  • C-Tier: Average at best.
  • D-Tier: Below-average weapons.
  • E-Tier: Bad weapons.
  • F-Tier: Worst weapons in the game.

S-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Blasphemous BladeTrade Remembrance of the Blasphemous with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Dark Moon GreatswordFound at the Cathedral of Manus Celes after giving Ranni the Dark Moon Ring.
Death’s PokerBeat the Death Rite Bird Southeast of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace during the night.
Eleonora’s PolebladeBeat Eleonora, Violet Bloody Finger, at the Second Church of Marika.
Erdtree BowFrom the site of grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital, head east and use the root to reach the second floor. Head out the door, jump down to the roof, go through the broken window, go back inside, and turn right to find a chest contacting the Erdtree Bow.
Fallingstar Beast JawFull-Grown Fallingstar Beast in Mt. Gelmir.
Gargoyle’s BlackbladeBlack Blade Kindred at Beastial Sanctum.
Godslayer’s GreatswordBeat Godskin Apostle at the Divine Tower of Caelid and open the chest at the back of the arena.
Golden Order GreatswordMisbegotten Crusader in the Cave of the Forlorn.
Lion GreatbowTrade Remembrance of the Starscourge with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Meteoric Ore BladeGo to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins and locate the underground hall, a small room behind it containing a chest containing the Meteoric Ore Blade.
Mohgwyn’s Sacred SpearTrade Remembrance of the Blood Lord with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
MoonveilBeat Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel – Caelid.
Onyx Lord’s GreatswordOnyx Lord in the Sealed Tunnel.
Rivers of BloodBloody Finger Okina.
Scepter of the All-KnowingSir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing.
Winged ScytheAt the center of the Tombsward Ruins, go down the stairs to reach the underground area.
Carian Regal ScepterGive Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen’s power to Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
Frenzied Flame SealComplete Hyetta’s questline.

A-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Bastard’s StarsTrade Remembrance of the Naturalborn to Enia at Roundtable Hold
Beastclaw GreathammerGive Gurranq 7 Deathroots.
Black KnifeBeat Black Knife Assassin at Sainted Hero’s Grave in Altus Plateau.
Blade of CallingHead to the elevator near the Forbidden Lands site of grace. Face southwest in the elevator and wait for an opening to jump into. You will land in a hall where the Blade of Calling sits on a table.
Carian Knight’s SwordLiurnia of the Lakes, inside a cart being pulled by a couple of trolls.
Cleanrot SpearLesser Cleanrot Knights south of Heart of Aeonia
Clearnot Knights in War-Dead Catacombs
Clearnot Knights in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
Cranial Vessel CandlestandAt Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave loot the dead body behind Imp Statues.
Crystal SwordVillage of the Albinaurics, past the wooden bridge, loot the dead body.
Death Ritual SpearBeat Death Rite Bird in the Mountaintops of the Giants.
Devourer’s ScepterBeat Knight/Recusant Bernahl in Warmaster’s Shack or Crumbling Farum Azula.
Dragon GreatclawBeat Draconic Tree Sentinel in Capital Outskirts.
Dragon King’s CragbladeTrade Remembrance of the Dragonlord with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Dragonscale BladeDragonkin Soldier in the Lake of Rot.
Eclipse ShotelCastle Sol, at the, alter of the castle church.
Envoy’s GreathornGiant Oracle Envoy in Miquella’s Haligtree.
Envoy’s HornOracle Envoys.
Envoy’s Long HornDropped by Large Oracle Envoy in East Capital Rampart in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Family HeadsAcquired from Necromancer Garris at Sage’s Cave in Altus Plateau.
Giant’s Red BraidTrade Remembrance of the Fire Giant with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Godskin PeelerBeat Godskin Apostle at Windmill Village, Altus Plateau.
Golden HalberdBeat Tree Sentinel in Limgrave.
Grafted Blade GreatswordBeat Leonine Misbegotten in Castle Morne, Weeping Peninsula.
Grafted DragonTrade Remembrance of the Grafted with Enia at Roundtable Hold
Halo ScytheBeat the Halo Scythe wielding Lesser Cleanrot Knights south of Heart of Aeonia near Commander O’Neil.
Hand of MaleniaKill Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and have Enia draw it out of the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess at the Roundtable Hold.
Tibia MarinerHead South of Castle Sol and North West of Snow Valley Ruins Overlook and find Tibia Mariner near a ledge.
Horn BowLoot the body near Siofra River near Siofra River Bank Site of Grace.
Icerind HatchetChest inside the ruined bell tower at the Temple Quarter that’s near the site of grace.
Inquisitor’s GirandoleBeat Abductor Virgins Field Boss in Volcano Manor.
Inseparable SwordKill Lichdragon Fortissax in Fia’s Dream to get the Mending Ruin of Death. Give D’s brother the Twinned Armor.
Lazuli Glintstone SwordChance drop from Lazuli Sorcerers found in Raya Lucaria Academy or Caria Manor.
Magma BladeChance drop from Man-Serpent enemies with orange-glowing Magma Blade at Volcano Manor.
Magma Wyrm’s ScaleswordMagma Wyrm Makar in Ruin-Strewn Precipice, Liurnia of the Lakes.
Maliketh’s Black BladeTrade Remembrance of the Black Blade with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Marais Executioner’s SwordBeat Elemer of the Briar at The Shaded Castle.
Morgott’s Cursed SwordTrade Remembrance of the Omen King with Finger Reader Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
Ornamental Straight SwordGrafted Scion at the Chapel of Anticipation.
Prelate’s Inferno CrozierDropped by Fire Prelate in Fort Laiedd near Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace.
Rotten Crystal StaffAcquired from Lesser Crystalian mage in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
Golden Order SealLoot the body near Minor Erdtree Church Site of Grace in Leyndell Royal Capital.

B-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Antspur RapierAcquired from Maleigh Marais, Shaded Castle Castellan.
Coded SwordFortified Manor, Leyndell Royal Capital.
Beastman’s Curved SwordKill beastmen in Crumbling Beast Grave Site of Grace in Crumbling Farum Azula.
Bloodhound’s FangBeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, in Limgrave.
Gargoyle’s Black AxeBeat the Black Blade Kindred at the Mountaintops of the Giant.
Clayman’s HarpoonKill the Clayman at Uhl Palace Ruins, Siofra River or Ainsel River.
Frozen NeedleBeat the Royal Revenant in Kingsrealm Ruins to access a room with the chest.
Gargoyle’s Black HalberdBeat Black Blade Kindred at the Bestial Sanctum.
Glintstone KrisComlete Sorceress Sellen questline and side with her.
Golem GreatbowDropped by Golem archers in Limgrave Tower Bridge in Stormhill or near the colosseum in Caelid.
Great Omenkiller CleaverOmenkiller at Volcano Manor.
GreataxeBeat the Rotten Duelist to the north of Ordina, Liturgical Town.
Ivory SickleIn Village of the Albinaurics inside a stone coffin.
Loretta’s War SickleBeat Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree.
Magma Whip CandlestickBeat Patches in Volcano Manor.
Marika’s HammerTrade Elden Remembrance with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Monk’s FlamemaceDropped by Monks in Liurnia of the Lakes and Mountaintops of the Giants.
NagakibaBeat Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to the north of Murkwater Cave.
Zamor Curved SwordBeat Ancient Hero of Zamor at the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave.
Troll Knight’s SwordRandom drop from Troll Knight in Caria Manor.
Rotten Crystal SpearDropped by Lesser Crystalian enemies in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.
Rusted AnchorBeat Scaly Misbegotten in Morne Tunnel.
Sentry’s TorchAvailale for purchase from Hermit Merchant in Hermit Merchant’s Shack.
Troll Knight’s SwordRandom Troll Knight drop in Caria Manor.
Vyke’s War SpearBeat Festering Fingerprint Vyke.
Winged GreathornTrade Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
Zamor Curved SwordBeat Ancient Hero of Zamor.
Clawmark SealFeed Gurranq Beast Clergyman a Deathroot.

C-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Albinauric BowRandom drop from Albinauric Wolfback Archers in the Consecrated Snowfiel.
Axe of GodfreyTrade Remembrance of Hoarah Loux with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.
Axe of GodrickTrade Remembrance of the Grafted with Enia at Roundtable Hold.
Bandit’s Curved SwordRandom drop by Skeletal Bandits in Limgrave & Altus Plateau.
Bloodhound ClawsRandom drop by Lesser Bloodhound Knight in the basement of the Volcano Manor.
CinquedeaThe exterior of the Bestial Sanctum, near a broken rat statue.
Crystal KnifeInside a chest in the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel.
Curved ClubDropped by club and shield Albinaurics found at Academy Gate Town grace.
Duelist GreataxeRandom drop by duelist enemies in Leyndell near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace.
Gargoyle’s Great AxeBeat the Valiant Gargoyle in the Capital Outskirts, Altus Platea.
Gargoyle’s GreatswordBeat both bosses in Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct.
Gargoyle’s TwinbladeBeat both bosses in Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct.
Grave ScytheRandom from Skeleton Mages.
GrossmesserDrops from Skeleton enemies that wield it.
Hoslow’s Petal WhipComplete the Volcano manor questline.
Jar CannonBeat Demi-Human Queen Margot.
Longhaft AxeRandom rare drop from Misbegotten.
Morning StarEast of Weeping Penninsula from Limgrave on the main road, inside a chest in a carriage.
Ordovis’s GreatswordBeat Crucible Knight Ordovis.
Rogier’s RepierAcquired from Sorcerer Rogier at +8 in the Roundtable Hold.
Rotten Crystal SwordDropped by Rotten Duelist in Ordina, Liturgical Town.
Watchdog’s StaffA corpse inside the Road’s End Catacombs in Liurnia of the Lakes.

D-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Alabaster Lord’s SwordBeat Alabaster Lord in the Lake of Rot.
Astrologer’s StaffAvailable for purchase at Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.
Butchering KnifeBeat Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater.
Carian Glintstone StaffBody inside Carian Study Hall.
Celebrant’s SkullAt a lower cliff northeast Windmill Village site of grace.
Chainlink FlailRandom drop from Lesser Mad Pumpkin Heads who wield it.
Cleanrot Knight’s SwordRandom drop from Lesser Cleanrot Knights.
Crystal StaffInside a small room in the academy crystal cave.
Curved Great ClubSecond-Generation Albinaurics found across Liurnia of the Lakes
Erdtree GreatbowKill the chariot in Fringefolk Hero’s Grave.
FalchionRandom drop from Demi-Humans who wield it.
Ghiza’s WheelKill the Inquisitor Ghiza in Volcano Manor.
Golem’s HalberdRandom drop from any Golem that wields it.
Great ClubBeat Stonedigger Troll in Old Altus Tunnel
Great StarsTrolls towing a carriage in Altus Plateau
GreatbowRandom drop from Redmane Knight in Fort Gael.
Iron SpearRandom drop from Fallen Hawks Soldiers.
LongbowAvailable for purchase from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold.
Mantis BladeKill Lesser Cemetery Shade in Gelmir Hero’s Grave.

E-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
ArbalestIn Stormveil Castle.
Battle HammerDuelists enemies near the colosseum in Leyndell Royal Capital who wield it.
Bloodstained DaggerDropped by Demi-Human Chiefs.
Bloody HeliceIn Writheblood Ruins, after beating the boss.
BroadswordNomadic Merchant in south-east of Coastal Cave.
Celebrant’s CleaverDropped by celebrating enemies in Dominula, Windmill village.
Celebrant’s Rib RakeDropped by celebrating enemies in Windmill village.
Commander’s StandardBeat Commander O’Neil.
Digger’s StaffGlintstone Miner in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
DismounterDropped by Kaiden Sellsword enemies.
Dragon HalberdBeat Dragonkin Soldier in Siofra River.
EstocAvailable for purchase from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.
Gargoyle’s HalberdBeat Valiant Gargoyle.
GlaiveDropped by Skeleton enemies near Sellia Backstreets Site of Grace.
Godskin StitcherBeat Godskin Noble at Volcano Manor.
Great MaceCamp near Grand Lift of Dectus.
Greathorn HammerKill the Ancestral Follower in Siofra River.
Guardian’s SwordspearErdtree Guardians.
Highland AxeRuins of Grafted Scion in Stormveil Castle.
HookclawsInside Stormveil Castle.
Iron CleaverDropped by Misbegotten enemies in Castle Morne.
Iron GreatswordTwo Misbegotten in Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Jawbone AxeBeat Ancestral Follower.
Rotton HammerDropped by a Rotten Duelist enemy in the Graves northwest of Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace.

F-Tier Weapons List

WeaponsHow to Get
Banished Knight’s GreatswordRandom drop from Banished Knight enemies.
Bastard SwordAvailable from Nomadic Merchant at the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.
Black BowRooftop east of Avenue Balcony site of grace, in the Leyndell, Royal Capital.
Brick HammerIn the Wine Celler of the Stormveil Castle.
CaestusBought from Gatekeeper Gostoc after getting the Rusty Key
Carian Glintblade StaffTop floor Highway Lookout Tower in Liurnia.
ClaymoreCastle Morne.
Clinging BoneEnsha of the Royal Remains at the Roundtable Hold.
Composite BowAvailable from Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes close to Bellum Church.
Erdsteel DaggerClear Fort Haight and speak with Kenneth Haight.
FlamebergeRedmane Castle.
Forked GreatswordDropped by Imp enemies.
Forked HatchetDropped by imp enemies.
Great EpeeInside a chest near two Kaiden Sellswords, east of Agheel Lake South site of grace.
ZweihanderAvailable from Isolated Merchant in Weeping Peninsula.
Pest’s GlaiveDropped by Lesser Kindred of Rot in Church of the Plague.
Parrying DaggerAvailable from Patches at Murkwater Cave.
Noble’s EstocFeathered cap Wandering Nobles in Limgrave, Raya Lucaria Academy.
Nightrider GlaiveNight’s Cavalry in East Raya Lucaria Gate.

F-tier weapons are useless, but if you want an extreme challenge, then this tier works. Otherwise, go with any other tiers and create the right build for your weapons in Elden Ring. Want to read more about Elden Ring? Here are some guides you may like:

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