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Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear: Location, How to Get (Easy Way)


Collecting the abundance of items needed to progress through the Elden Ring can be overwhelming. To make your collection complete, you must acquire the Thorny Cracked Tear. This powerful Crystal Tear can be mixed with a Flask of Wondrous Physick to enhance its efficiency and potency. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with all the necessary information regarding Thorny Cracked Tear — where it can be located and how to Get in the Elden Ring.

Thorny Cracked Tear is a mystical substance that grew steadily over the centuries in an area sheltered by the Erdtree’s branches. This magical tear can be transformed into an elixir when added to The Flask of Wondrous Physick. When combined, the outcome is that your attacks gain momentum and power with every hit in a row- Although this power can only be used once, it will be replenished when you visit a sacred site of grace.

Where To Find and Get Thorny Cracked Tears

To acquire the essential ingredient for the Flask of Wondrous Physick, Thorny Cracked Tear, you must defeat Putrid Avatar – the guardians of Minor Erdtrees based in Consecrated snowfields at Mountaintops of Giants. You can access these mountains if you unlock the Haligtree medallion first. The medallion is obtained through Albus, disguised as a pot near the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace; look for him inside the swamp caves west of Liurnia of the Lakes. Once you get the Thorny Cracked Tear, add two to Wondrous Physick Flask to begin the fun.

How To Beat Putrid Avatar

The Putrid Avatar is a guard mini-boss protecting the Minor Erdtree, so you can’t get the Thorny Cracked Tear without beating it. He is weak to magic and holy damage, so having magic or Faith-based builds works excellent against this mini-boss. You can also use Fire or Physical attacks against it, which works just as well. Putrid Boss uses an overhead slam that deals a ton of damage. The attack is telegraphed when he lifts his weapon over his head. To counter this attack, you need to dodge to the right the moment you see it charging forward.

The second attack a Putrid Avatar will use is his swing when you get too close. The attack is slow, and you can see it coming when he lifts his left arm back before swinging his weapon at you. He swings to the right and then left once. As far as I can tell, the swinging attack comes after the body slam. Rolling backward is the best way to deal with this type of attack.

The third attack in his move set is the AoE Scarlet Rot slam. The mini-boss launches itself in the air and then comes down to release an AoE Scarlet Rot, which increases your Rot buildup. The range of this attack is a lot, so roll and jump away as far as you can as soon as you see him go up.

The fourth attack type involves golden orbs that come at you and explode. The best way to deal with the golden orbs is to summon your mount and run in the opposite direction.

The final attack type is the foot stomp which is easily predictable and avoidable. Roll backward when the boss lifts its foot in the air.

Thorny Cracked Tear Tips and Tricks

  • The Thorny Cracked Tear lasted an impressive three minutes.
  • The level of harm inflicted has risen by 9%, 13%, and 20%, respectively.
  • The Thorny Cracked Tear is compatible with the Talisman Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent’s Prosthesis, yet does not collaborate with Comet Azur (Sorcery).

That is all you need to know about the Elden Ring Thorny Cracked Tear location and how to get it. Finding the coveted item may be challenging, but with this guide, you’ll be fine. If you want more help with Elden Ring, here are more guides you may like:

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