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Elden Ring Rotten Breath: How to Get, Location, Spell Use


The Dragon Communion Incantations, found in Elden Ring, are a collection of 14 buffs with similar effects. One such buff is Rotten Breath; this particular incantation grants special offensive capabilities to the player. Upon completing the Rituals of Dragon Communion, you will gain access to the Rotten Breath.

The Rotten Breath, also known as the Broken Incantation within Elden Ring’s community, is a powerful ability you can acquire during your game playthrough. One of the few strategies used to succeed in defeating General Radahn before his nerf came into effect, Rotten Breath allowed players to take on the giant boss solo with confidence. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to obtain Rotten Breath and spell use it in the mysterious world of Elden Ring.

How To Get Rotten Breath Incantation (Location)

There are two possible ways to get the Rotten Breath Incantation which I’ve mentioned below:

  • Chapel of Dragon Communion: Limgrave’s Coastal Cave is your sole acquisition avenue; if you have decided to procure Chapel.
  • Cathedral of Dragon Communion: Caelid Southwest is your sole acquisition avenue; If you have decided to procure Cathedral, Caelid Southwest.

At the Cathedral, near the dragon, you will find a burning red altar where you can use the Dragon Heart to buy from various Incantations, including Rotten Breath. You need 15 Faith and 12 Arcane to use Rotten Breath in Elden Ring. The next step is to visit any Site of Grace to rest and memorize the newly acquired Incantation. Place Rotten Breath in one of your memory slots to start using it.

Note: Upon arriving at the Chapel, you will receive directions to find your way to the Cathedral.

Rotten Breath Spell Use

The Rotten Breath spell is a mythical force of immeasurable power, granting its caster supernatural strength. When unleashed, this incantation will generate an acrid fog that causes catastrophic destruction and transform the caster into a dragon capable of spewing flaming blasts.

Charging the Rotten Breath will ensure longer-term breathing coverage in any given area. Rotten Breath has an appetite for your Focus Points; rely on it too much, and you will soon find yourself with none left. Use Rotten Breath Incantation sparingly to save those precious Focus Points.

Undoubtedly, some enemies may be immune to Rotten Breath because it is the Scarlet Rot variation of Firebreath; however, most opponents will still be vulnerable, and thus this remains a valuable weapon. If you want to defeat bosses swiftly, Rotten Breath is your best bet. When you enter their arena, use Rotten Breath to deal significant damage.


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And there you have it! You are now informed and ready to venture into Elden Ring’s Rotten Breath. If you want to read more about Elden Ring, here are some guides you may like:

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