Explore Rose Church, a captivating dungeon in Liurnia of the Lakes region from Elden Ring. Delve deep into its depths to obtain rewards such as the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook and receive awards like the Bloody Finger and Pureblood Knight’s Medal from an NPC that inhabits it. In this guide, I’ll provide information about the Rose Church, from its location to all of the loot contained within it and how one can access it in the Elden Ring.

Where to Find Rose Church Location

To find your way to the Rose Church, you must head south of the Raya Lucaria Academy and traverse through marshland. Then, move westward from the Fallen Ruins of Lake Grace to discover the small island known as Rose Church, the location you are looking for.


While exploring the Rose Church, you will come across the following things:

  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [12]
  • Meet NPC White-Faced Varré
  • Awarded with Bloody Finger upon completing the quest.
  • Pureblood Knight’s Medal
  • Harvesting Bloodrose in the vicinity.

Varré Quest At Rose Church

When you reach the front of the Rose Church, seek out White-Faced Varré near an archway. This can be achieved by defeating Godrick the Grafted and then traveling to Roundtable Hold. Afterward, he will ask for your aid on a quest and reward you with Festering Bloody Finger.

To complete the Varré Quest, you must gain access to other players using Bloody Finger items at any location three times. After you complete this task, visit the Varré at the church to receive the Lord of Blood’s Favor. To garner the coveted Bloody Finger, you must first dip a rag in the blood of a corpse at Varré’s Church of Inhibition. This unique item sets itself apart from other festering varieties and may be used as often as its owner needs. Ultimately converse with Varré again to acquire the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.

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