One of the key gameplay mechanics in the Elden Ring is its puzzles. One of the puzzles you will come across in the game is inside Oridys’s Rise. Solving this puzzle nets you a memory stone. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know to solve Oridys’s Rise puzzle.

How to Solve Oridys’s Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring

Oridys’s Rise is in the eastern coast of the Weeping Peninsula, specifically in Limgrave. To solve Oridys’s Rise puzzle you need to find three Turtle Spirits. All three are nearby so find them and interact with them. Keep in mind that the turtles won’t appear until you interact with the hint book near the entrance.

Once you find all three turtles the seal of the tower will break. One of the turtles is to the left of the tower and the second one is along the trail nearby. The final turtle locate the small pond to the southwest.

You will notice water splashing; go to the splashes and strike in the air to reveal the turtle. Keep in mind that you need to string all three turtles to complete this puzzle.

The seal will now be opened so head back to the tower to get the treasure chest with a Memory Stone inside. There are many other Memory Stone locations, this is just the first one you come across.

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