It is not easy to have a boss fight without increasing XP or HP in any game. Every game has its ways of restoring players’ health. In Elden ring, You can do this with the help of two flasks; Flasks of Crimson Tears and Flasks of Cerulean Tears. Crimson Tears’ Flasks restore health, and the Flasks of Cerulean Tears restore the magic powers.

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Players need to acquire Golden seeds to increase the number of flasks to carry. You can fill the flasks also at Grace sites by killing enemies. But initially, players get only two flasks, so to fight with any Boss, you need to carry as many flasks as possible. Here’s how to find Golden seeds in Elden ring.

Elden Ring: Golden Seed Locations

Golden seeds are easily visible because they glow with a golden light. It’s not much of a problem to find these seeds when you know a bit about the directions. There are thirty locations where you can look for these seeds. You can find  Golden seeds in two areas; an exception will also be there because maybe some areas have none.

Location #1

This seed is in the southwest direction of the Site of Grace of Castle Morne. From there, move towards the cliff to your right. Follow the trail, and you will find your Golden seed.

Location #2

This one you can get through the Ethereal tree, and it is at a site of Grace which is on the main path of Storm hill near a hut.

Location #3

The Golden third seed is near the entrance of Fort Haight, which is at the southeast end of Limgrave.

Location #4 

To find this one, move towards the Siofra River, located on the northwest side of the landmass.

Location #5 

This Golden seed is on the path toward Stormvale Castle. Find this one away from the main road.

Location #6 

This seed is difficult to acquire and is In Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. This seed requires two Townsend keys to enter the cave, deal with poison and traps, and finally defeat Ulcerated Tree Spirit’s cave monster.

Location #7 & 8 

To get this seed Move towards the Liftside Chamber site of Grace and unlock the entrance where you will find two Golden Seeds. To get the second golden seed, defeat Minor Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

Location #9 

For this Golden seed, move towards the capital city, where you will reach a Balcony Avenue site of Grace. Take the stairs to the north side and reach a vast area where you will have to defeat a mini-boss, Ulcer Tree Spirit, who rises from the ground. As a reward for killing him, you will get your Golden seed.

Location #10 

This Golden seed is in the Magic City of Sellia, where the ethereal tree will be above the blood-red sky of Caelid. On the way to the city, you will encounter some low-level enemies; try to avoid them, and move towards the destinations.

Location #11

To find this Golden seed, Proceed towards the southern End of Swamp Of Aeonia at Caelid. The ethereal tree is in the vicinity of the tremendous Impassable bridge.

Location #12 

Reach the Main Academy Gate of Raya Lucaria Academy. Move towards the northeast side on the broken path, and you will find your 12th Golden seed.

Location #13 

Move towards Site of Grace in Debate parlor and go to the country yard. Continue your journey towards the left until you find an ethereal tree guarded by some enemies. You can choose to fight them if you have a high-level hero but avoid them in case of a low-level hero to get the Golden seed. This Golden seed is in the Academy.

Location #14 

To Find this one proceed towards Raya Lucaria Academy, where you will pass by a ruined city at the center of huge Liurnia Lake. From that point, head in the direction of the Northwest to find the Ethereal tree.

Location #15 

This Golden seed is in an area that is locked. To Unlock the area, First, defeat Starscourge Radahn to get access to Catacombs. Then enter the Catacombs and conquer the Putrid tree spirit to have a Golden seed.

Location #16 

To reach this seed, move towards the Northeast of Caelid in Greyall’s Dragon Mound until you are on Farum’s great bridge. Continue in the north direction towards Bestial Sanctum, where you will find the ethereal tree. On the way towards Farum’s great bridge, you will pass by a dragon that you can fight or ignore.

Location #17 

To find this Golden seed, head towards a village in the north direction of the lake, The Ravine. When the lake ends, you will come across an ethereal tree guarded by oval shape creatures. Acquire golden seeds to avoid those creatures.

Location #18 

Move towards the northeast side of Liurnia towards Kariya MAnor, where you are completing Ranni’s questline. From the site of Grace, you can quickly see a golden light radiating, which is the location of your next Golden seed.

Location #19 

Move towards the Lux Ruins, which is in Altus Plateau, close to Edtree Gazing Hill. Find the golden seed near the site of Grace.

Location #20 

To get this golden seed go in the direction of Altus Plateau towards Mount gelmir. Then move towards the west, where you will find Wyndham debris. The ethereal tree is at the base of the SEaWater river. Beware of the warm geysers along the way.

Location #21 

To locate this Golden seed, Go towards the northwest side of Mt Gelmir. Be cautious about the monsters on the way.

Location #22

From Altus Highway Junction’s grace site, go towards the north of the central city by not taking the main road. A bit far away, you find the ethereal tree.

Location #23 

To find this Golden seed, head out of the city and search for a road to take you to southeast Windmill”s village site of Grace. Before you reach the campsite, you will see a golden tree.

Location #24 &25 

This one is easy, and you get two seeds when you move towards the outer wall Phantom tree.

Location #26 

After collecting two seeds from the Phantom Tree Outer wall, go in the north direction, where you will find two Golden seeds again.

Location #27 

Before leaving the Capital, collect this Golden seed by moving in the south direction of the Site of Grace towards the West Capital Rampart.

Location #28 

This seed is on the path from Forbidden Lands to the Grand Lift of Rold. You will see an ethereal tree just by the road on this straight path.

Location #29 

This ethereal tree is on the base of a frozen giant towards Grace’s site, marked on the map by a red cross.

Location #30 

This last Golden seed is near the northeast direction of the site of Grace. Head right towards the end of a cliff where you can see the glowing tree close to a frozen lake. Beware of golems moving around in the area.

That’s everything you need to know about the seed locations. Need more help? See Ragonkin Soldier Boss Fight, Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss Fight.

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