After landing in Moonlight Altar Plateau, the player will come across the Chelona’s Rise Puzzle. This puzzle requires the player to “Seek Three Great Wise Beasts” in the area. These are large Spirit Tortoises that must be attacked with a weapon (ranged, in this case) to count them. But since these are well-hidden, it can be a little tough to locate them. In this Elden Ring guide, we have detailed all there is to know about solving the Chelona’s Rise Puzzle.

Elden Ring Chelona’s Rise Puzzle

Below, we have shared the locations of all three Great Wise Beasts that are needed:

Great Wise Beast #1
This one is toward the west side of Chelona Rise Tower – it should be on a cliffside. Stand on the cliffside and look down to see it. Also, do note that it can only be shot with a ranged weapon.

Great Wise Beast #2
For the second one, the player needs to ride out of east side of the tower. Once the area splits, stick to the upper-left side. Once again, it should be on the cliffside on the southern side.

Great Wise Beast #3
For the last one, the player needs to use the Spiritspring near the Evergoal toward the northwest edge of the tower – southeast of the Evergoal. The player will need to hit it while using the Spiritspring. Do note that it can be a little tough to hit it.

Once all three Great Wise Beasts have been found, a message reading “The Seal on the Rise has Opened” will appear on the screen. This is an indication to return to the Chelona’s Rise Tower and take the elevator to acquire a Sorcery named the Ranni’s Dark Moon.

This is all we have got in how to solve Chelona’s Rise Puzzle in Elden Ring. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Elden Ring wiki page.

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