The world of Elden Ring is host to many mystical items crucial to your progression. One such item is the Celestial Dew which is used as a currency but not just any currency; it is unique as it allows you to restore questlines and relationships with NPCs (in case you did something to piss them off).

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With the Celestial Dew in your possession, you can go to the Church of Vows to absolve and eliminate all antagonizations. Once you’re absolved, you can play previously broken questlines and speak with NPCs that weren’t too fond of you. It also has healing properties and can revive dead merchants.

Where to Find or Purchase Celestial Dew (Locations)

Celestial Dew Location #1

There are multiple locations in Elden Ring where you can find or purchase Celestial Dew. One of the most common locations to purchase Celestial Dew is in Ainsel River. Speak with Hermit Merchant at the far end of a large stone ruin (Uhl Palace Ruins) in southwestern Ainsel River to acquire Celestial Dew for 7500 Runes.

Celestial Dew Location #2

Celestial Dew is available for purchase for 5000 Runes from Pidia, the Carian Servant. Pidia can be found at the Carion Manor, resting on the balcony above the bonfire. You can access this location through the cliffs of the Three Sisters.

Celestial Dew Location #3

Head to the Uhl Palace Ruins where you can find a corpse hanging from a ledge overlooking the ruins. Loot the body to get the Celestial Dew Consumable.

Celestial Dew Location #4

Another Celestial Dew is waiting for you in the Nokron Eternal City, in the ruins northeast of the bridge pass the Mimic Tear boss. The best way to reach this ruin is by going under the bridge from the cliff east of a Hallowhorn Ground fire pillar. Once you reach the ruin, go to the very bottom floor and loot the body.

Celestial Dew Location #5

You can find a couple of Celestial Dews at the Night’s Sacred Ground. The first Celestial Dew is on a path that leads to the mausoleum. Check the side of the path for a body you can loot for the Celestial Dew. The second Celestial Dew can be reached by jumping down from the Acestral Woods and check the ledge behind a building (refer to the image for exact locations).

Celestial Dew Location #6

A couple of Celestial Dews are hiding in the Nokstella, Eternal City of Elden Ring. One dew is on the dead body, west of the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace. The second dew is also on a corpse but its guarded by Siler Tears.

Celestial Dew Location #7

Go to the upper floor of the Erdtree Sanctuary to find your next Celestial Dew in Elden Ring. Go to the balcony east of the Site of Grace and reach the upper level of the sanctuary before the north exit. Turn left and go over the roof below, enter the window and go across to the ledge where a body near a ladder. Loot the body to collect the Celestial Dew.

How to Use Celestial Dew

To use a Celestial Dew in Elden Ring you need to visit Church of Vows in East Liurnia. Speak with Miriel, the turtle who is the Pator of Vows. He will guide you toward the basin where you can use the Celestial Dew for absolution. Performing the ritual will result in dead merchants coming back to life, some healing buffs for yourself, and some NPCs previously aggressive won’t try to murder you on sight anymore.

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