Elden Ring has so many armors sets that it becomes hard to choose the right one. But there is one armor set that stands, the Briar armor set. It is visually appealing and packs a decent punch in terms of defense stats. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Briar Armor set in Elden Ring, along with a breakdown of its stats, so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s the right set for you. So gear up, and let’s get started!

Where to Find Brair Set in Elden Ring

To get your hands on the Briar Armor set in Elden Ring, you can visit Enia the Finger Reader in Roundtable Hold and purchase it. But before making the purchase, you must beat Elemer of the Briar at the Shaded Castle. You will have to spend 6,000 Runes to purchase the Brair armor set.

How to Beat Elemer of the Brair

Elemer of the Briar Location

Elemer isn’t as tough as some of the other Great Enemies, so it won’t be a long boss fight. But since this boss fight takes place inside a small room with a lot of junk, we recommend rolling around to some space for yourself. Elemer is using attacks with Marais Executioner’s Sword that has the Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. The boss can deal damage at both close and long range so be ready to dodge and roll to avoid taking damage.

The best way to beat Elemer is to simply stand in the yellow mist and use Rock Sling incantation. You can get Rock Sling by following our detailed guide. Meanwhile, players with melee-focused builds can target Elemer’s backside, particularly the area on the right near the shield. By positioning themselves correctly, they can trigger Elemer’s shield smash attack, causing him to become trapped in a cycle of slamming down while players effortlessly dodge.

Brair Set Stats

Brair is a defensive armor set so most of its stats shine in the defense department.

Damage Negation

  • Physical damage: 25.6
  • Strike damage: 23.2
  • Slash damage: 25.3
  • Pierce damage: 24.6
  • Magic damage: 24.5
  • Fire damage: 24.4
  • Lightning damage: 24.1
  • Holy damage: 24.4


  • Immunity: 113
  • Robustness: 140
  • Focus: 86
  • Death: 80
  • Poise: 27

I hope that helps you deal with the boss and get the Brair set. If you have any other tips for our readers, comment below.

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