There are plenty of bosses in every game, which are a threshold for proceeding further into the game. Bloodhound knights are one of them. They can move fast and attack before you even know it.

So it’s better to learn their mechanics before starting to fight them. There is two Bloodhound knight, which you will face at two different locations. In this Guide, “Bloodhound Knight Locations in Elden Ring,” we will guide you on where to find these two bosses.

Where to Find Bloodhound Knights in Elden Ring

There are two locations where you can find them and discuss them in detail.

Location# 1

This one is in Limgarve. Bloodhound Knight is the first one in the game, and it is a segment of Blaidd’s Questline. Although it is not mandatory to beat him, players choose to fight him or ignore him. If you choose to fight, you will find this Bloodhound KNight, Dariwill, in Evergoals, which is his place to live. To reach there, you have to head southeast towards the mountains, searching for the Bridge of sacrifice.

Location# 2

You can locate this one in Liurinia. Head towards the western side of the mountains from the lakeside, a place for magical creatures. Reach the Lakeside Crystal cave, where you will encounter the second Bloodhound Knight. This boss is also optional to fight.

Rewards: 3600 Runes, Cerulean Amber Medalion

That’s everything there is known about the Bloodknight locations. If you need more assistance, check out How to Get Black Whetblade, Best Incantations, and Best Sorcery Spells.

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