If you’re unfamiliar with Incantations, they are a potent and reliable form of magic that can be a real asset in Elden Ring. Standing out among the list of Incantations, Black Flame is a powerful spell that should not be taken lightly. It allows you to unleash an inferno of black-flamed devastation on your opponents when you cast the Black Flame.

This powerful spell calls forth a fireball that will leave any foe in its wake scorching and defeated. Furthermore, this spell will affect the target as time passes, doing passive Black Flame damage. To summarize, the Black Flame is essential to any offensive or Faith build. In this guide, I will show you how to obtain the Black Flame and provide insight into its best build and usage.

Where to Find Black Flame (Location) in Elden Ring

To get the Black Flame incantation, Brother Corhyn or Miriel of the esteemed Cleric of Vows must be given a Godskin Prayerbook. The prayerbook is one of the key items in Elden Ring, used to acquire Incantations.

Where To Find Godskin Prayerbook

To get the Godskin Prayerbook, you must journey to the Stormveil Castle and visit the Liftside Chamber (As shown in the image above). Then make your way toward the courtyard and walk south along the right-hand wall until you come across a staircase that leads to the basement.

As you go there, you will soon find a room occupied by four menacing rats. Ahead lies a doorway shrouded in an opaque white fog – blocking your path forward. You must use the Stonesword Key over the Imp Statue to pass by. As you venture through the door, an entire room awaits to be explored. Within this chamber lies a treasure chest containing within it the Godskin Prayerbook.

Best Black Flame Build

Starting Class and Stats

While creating the best Black Flame Build, You need to consider three stats:

  • Mind
  • Faith
  • Vigor

#1 Mind

To cast countless spells, it is essential to incorporate Mind. “Black Flame Blade” will be your primary source of magical damage, but because it has a short duration, you must cast it quickly over enemies to make the most out of its power. With higher Mind stats, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of Focus Points. This will allow you to stay close and deal damage instead of retreating and searching for more Focus Point refills.

#2 Faith

Having a significant amount of Faith is essential if you wish to successfully cast the Black Flame Blade. You will need at least the following:

  • 17x Faith For Black Flame Blade
  • 20x Faith For Black Flame
  • 27x Faith For Odslayer’s Seal

To sum it up, the Black Flame incantations scale can only be attained through Faith; thus, your main stat should always be Faith, and you should prioritize reaching those essential milestones as soon as possible. After that, level up so that you can have more damage.

#3 Vigor

When you find yourself in close quarters and engaged in melee combat, Vigor is essential to ensure your safety against being one-shotted during fights. With a Black Flame build, investing in Vigor will provide the extra protection necessary for success.

Secondary Stats

When you’re seeking more armor choices, select Endurance as your Secondary stats. Choose Intelligence as your Faith, for its weapons and incantations rely on INT to be effective. If you wish to have the power of Dragon Incantations as part of your arsenal, then you must invest 1x Point in Arcane for superior results.

It’s essential to keep in mind that your stats will eventually decrease in returns. After level 50, Faith and Intelligence will begin to decrease. From levels 30-50, roughly 120 Focus Points can be gained through the “Mind” attribute, while an extra 70 Focus Points awarded between Levels 50-60. After you reach Level 60, the rewards become significantly less valuable, and any additional effort is wasted. By ceasing your progress here, you can save yourself time and energy.

If you’re considering a Black Flame build, beginning as the Prophet in Elden Ring is recommended. Strategically putting some Faith points early on will pay off in the long run, and having access to the Catch Flame incantation right away is incredibly beneficial. To gain a decisive edge over your foes, cast this potent spell during the initial stages of play and dominate them.

After you reach level 30, your statistics should be as follows:

  • Vigor: 18
  • Mind: 20
  • Endurance: 8
  • Strength: 11
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Faith: 27
  • Arcane: 10

If you’re looking to build a character as influential in the late game as it is early on, invest your points into Strength, Dexterity, and Vigor. Make sure to focus on Mind and Faith attributes, too, so that once you reach the end of the game, your hero will be at its most substantial peak! This way, you can have peace of Mind knowing there isn’t any other weapon better suited for success than this one.

Weapons and Talismans

Although there are plenty of options for choosing the Weapons and Talismans for Black Flame Build, I’ll tell you the best ones.

Godslayer’s Seal:

Pick the Godslayer’s Seal as your main weapon. It requires the following things:

  • 4x Strength Point
  • 27x Faith Point

Boosting Godslayer Incantations

This Seal of the Black Flame is an essential piece for this build, as it contains all your Black Flame spells.

Godslayer’s Greatsword or Godskin Peeler

Regarding your primary melee weapon, you can choose the Godslayer’s Greatsword or the Godskin Peeler—it all depends on which one you prefer. If you want to wield the Godslayer’s Greatsword, go inside Caelid’s divine tower. For those seeking a Godskin Peeler, the Volcano Manor’s Apostle Boss has you covered. If you want to inflict hefty damage on your enemy and complete the “true Black Flame, build,” selecting one of these weapons is an excellent choice. You can easily apply the Black Flame debuff with them for maximum effect.

Wakizashi dagger or Bloodhound’s Fang

If you’re going with a hybrid black Flame or bleed build are strong contenders; both of them can cause significant damage to your enemy’s health. To maximize the strength of your black Flame, debuff it on enemies using either a Wakizashi dagger or Bloodhound’s Fang. This will further increase its damage-dealing capabilities and give you an extra surge of power in battle.

Angel’s Scythe

When searching for the perfect weapon, Angel’s Scythe should be your top choice as it causes blood loss buildup and physical damage and inflicts Holy damage. With this powerful tool, you’ll surely win any battle.

To determine your optimal gaming strategy, try considering the godslayer’s seal and black flame blade in combination with a weapon of choice. Test early and often to gain a greater insight into the effects of blood loss on the battle. If traversing the Elden Ring, be mindful that some foes may not respond to physical damage. As such, it will serve you well to rely on black flame incantations as your primary defense.

Green Turtle Talisman

If you’re searching for the best talisman to fit your needs, look no further than the Green Turtle Talisman. You won’t find a more optimal choice. To maintain the upper hand in an offensive battle, it is necessary to have a high stamina regeneration rate. This will enable you to keep playing with agility and strength against your opponents.

Ancestral Spirit’s Horn Talisman

Unlock your true potential in battle with the Ancestral Spirit’s Horn Talisman! This talisman allows you to recover Focus Points from enemies, giving you an edge on the battlefield. Additionally, it can be swapped out for other talismans, such as the Crimson Amber Medallion, to help boost HP or healing. So ensure you take advantage of this essential tool while fighting your foes!

Faithful’s Canvas Talisman

The Faithful’s Canvas Talisman is essential to craft a Black Flame incantation-based build. In other words, it will be an excellent choice to amplify the potency of your incantations. As a result, you’ll gain extra strength for your black flame invocations.

Spells and Incantations

Instead of using many spells, this Black Flame build should focus on only two or three incantations to create an effective battle plan. To make the most of your experience, include the Black Flame blade and Black Flame. Once you’ve made progress, you can use Black Flame chants to enhance your journey further. For example, to successfully take down enemy packs or deliver a heavy blow to powerful adversaries, one should ensure that they are equipped with the Black Flame From Dominula, an incredibly potent spell originating from Windmill Village.

Venture to Volcano Manor, and eliminate the Godskin noble to acquire Noble Presence – a powerful Incantation perfect for PvP. This way, you can protect yourself from enemies that attempt to ambush you unexpectedly.


In the Black Flame’s best build, the armor doesn’t matter much but still; a little thing impacts the battle, so you need powerful armor few pieces.

Ruler’s Mask

To discover the Ruler’s Mask, you must journey to Abandoned Coffin. This is one of the most esteemed destinations in the Atlas Plateau. As you ascend the hilltop, behold an accumulation of caskets on wheels on your left side; atop them lies your reward.

Incantation Scarab

If you have Faith in your evasive maneuvers, the Incantation Scarab is the perfect headgear choice for defending yourself during battle. As a reward for your effort, you will receive the Homing Instinct Painting Puzzle from Artist’s Shack in Limgrave – one of the most challenging puzzles.

That’s all you need to know about the Black Flame’s best build. With these tips and resources, you will be well-equipped to take on any challenges ahead in your journey! May the flames guide you. Speaking of guides here is more helpful content you might like:

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