In most cases, Edgegdi.dll error appears due to corrupt installation of any application like HP Sure Click Pro, etc. This incomplete installation hinders the processes carried out by various applications. Additionally, major incompatibilities between the affected software and operating system can cause the “code execution cannot proceed because edgegdi.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem” Error.

What Is Causing Edgegdi.dll Error

Right after the error appears, if you click on ok, the application functions properly, just as expected. There are different apps and programs involved in the case of the edgegdi.dll file issue. They can vary from Nitro Pdf Creator, Calyx Point, and Final Draft to Virtual Box, AccuMail, Microsoft Edge, and much more. So, check these programs to find the root cause of the Edgegdi.dll error.

Fix #1: Uninstall problematic applications

A DLL file issue, such as the edgegdi.dll, may appear due to a conflicting app. However, these issues can be removed by uninstalling those applications when you are at the system startup menu.

You can press the Windows button to open settings. After that, choose Apps and expand (HP Sure Sense). If you click on uninstall, the application will be permanently deleted. After the uninstallation, you must reboot your computer. When rebooting, check whether the DLL message appears on launching the application. If somehow the application is not present in the Apps list. You will need to perform the uninstallation manually from a 3rd party uninstaller.

Tip: If you’re having trouble with Windows updates, registry errors, drivers, and activation, we recommend using Restoro. This software will scan and fix your problem automatically.

Fix #2: Run the Installer Setup

An incomplete or corrupted installation of applications like Virtual Box or another affected program may give the edgegdi.dll error message. However, the issue might resolve if you rerun the installer setup of the problematic app without installing the previous setup.

From the web browser, go to the Nitro PDF Creator website and download its latest version. After downloading, launch its setup. Follow the given prompts and restart after completing the setup. Double-check if the DLL problem occurs after rebooting due to Nitro PDF Creator.

Fix #3: Run the app in compatibility mode

Some incompatibilities between your Windows and the affected application may be present, causing a DLL(Edgegdi.dll) error code. A good method to solve this issue would be, running reprogram in compatibility mode.

Before doing that, you should close all related processes of the affected app from the background. Go to the specific application(Final Draft) and right-click on it. Select ‘Open File Location’ and click on its main EXE file.

After that, going properties, and then from the Compatibility tab, launch the app in compatibility mode. Click on Run This Program In Compatibility Mode, and in the dropdown, select Windows 8. Lastly, apply all changes and reboot your system to solve the problem.

If you follow each step given in these fixes in the proper sequence, you can fix the Edgegdi.dll error successfully. With that, our guide for fixing the edegdi.dll file error ends. Hopefully, it’ll help you out. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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