Going to war is one of the things that you are actively going to do with other leaders in Humankind. Humankind has a unique spin on how you can win wars and in this guide, we are going to cover just that.

If you have played games like Civilization then you know that going to war with civilization can be a long task in which you need to defeat units and take over the enemy cities. Things are a bit different in Humankind.

How To Win A War Fast in War Humankind

In Humankind, all that you need to do in order to win a war is to decrease the war support of the enemy to zero. War support shows how many people in a civilization are in favor of going to war. Once this goes down to zero the civilization will have to withdraw its forces.

You can click on the icon of the civilization that you are at war with in the top left corner of the screen and see the war support meter. There are a couple of ways in which you can decrease it. Firstly, you can attack the civilization and take over its lands. Secondly, you can defeat its units in combat. Lastly, you can plunder and raid its lands.

Doing this is going to decrease morale and slowly decrease the war support. Once it drops to zero the enemy will surrender and you will be able to make demands.

This is how you can win a war fast in Humankind. You can also check out our guide on how you can increase your war support and wage war. To learn more about the game be sure to check out our Humankind guides hub.

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