In Planer Crafter Aluminum holds the key to crafting powerful machines and valuable items like the renowned Super Alloy. While not as abundant as its mineral counterparts—iron, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, and titanium—aluminum is an rare resource that cannot be crafted within the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Aluminum locations to help you farm this rare crafting resource in Planet Crafter.


Where to Find Aluminum in Planet Crafter

To farm Aluminum in Planet Crafter, the Aluminum Hills is a great location. From the standard starting location, head right, go up the hill, and make another right turn to follow the cliff edge. You are at Aluminum Hills when you see dark soil, shiny rock formations, and a dark sky.

Spotting aluminum deposits is relatively easy due to their distinctive shine and vertical nature, setting them apart from iron deposits. Unlike iridium or uranium, aluminum does not emit a glow. The best way to find Aluminum is by carrying a flashlight.

Moreover, craft an Ore Extractors for a continuous flow of aluminum. While any Ore Extractor will do the job, higher-tier versions offer a better yield.

While the Aluminum Hills is one of the best locations to farm aluminum, there are other areas that hold scattered deposits. Head into the Falling Sand Caves where you’ll find the Iridium Mine and Aluminum deposits.

You can also explore Sulfur Fields, a gateway to Sulfur Valley, which not only houses sulfur reserves but also has pockets of Super Alloy and Osmium. Inside the Zeolite Cave at Labyrinth Canyons, Aluminum deposits can easily be found.

Go to the Labyrinth Canyons where you can farm Super Alloy. Near the Labyrinth Canyon you can find Meteor Field, where you can farm Aluminum in Planet Crafter.

Tip: While exploring the map look for Golden Crates that often have Super Alloy and Aluminum.

All Aluminum Farming Location Coordinates

Falling Sand Caves930:39:910
Sulfur Valley952:29:1422
Maze Canyon1420:5:560
Aluminum Spires942:27:94

General Aluminum Farming Tips

  • Upgrade Your Ore Extractors: For a greater aluminum yields upgrade the Ore Extractor.
  • Search Wrecks: Rare resources like Aluminum and Super Alloy are usually always found inside wrecks.
  • Keep an Eye on Meteor Showers: You can 100% find Aluminum on Meteor Shower sites.
  • Use Vehicles With High Cargo Capacity: Transporting aluminum-laden cargo becomes a breeze with vehicles boasting substantial storage capabilities. Increase your haul on each expedition, curtailing the need for frequent return trips.

And that’s everything we have on where to find Aluminum in Planet Crafter. If you have any other tips for us, drop them in the comments below.