EA Working On Matchmaking System That’ll Help Streamers

EA has a new matchmaking system up its sleeves that will help streamers. According to a newly surfaced patent, the creator of Battlefield has a matchmaking system that’ll track streamers and make sure their game latency is compensated. Players who stream often experience more latency compared to non-streamers. Some of the game events may suffer from latency so the solution is to artificially compensate it and avoid any gameplay disadvantages.

A matchmaking system matches players for online gaming, when some of the players may be streaming players and other players may be non-streaming players. The streaming players, due to receiving content of the online game via computer networks from a streaming system, may experience a relatively greater network latency for game events relative to non-streaming players. When matching streaming players and non-streaming players for online gameplay, the relative competitive disadvantage for streaming players due to network latency may be compensated. Additionally, streaming players using input devices that may be more difficult to use and/or maybe less responsive during gameplay, such as a touch screen, may also have their input device disadvantage compensated during matchmaking.

The new EA matchmaking system will make sure streamers and non-streamers play on equal grounds.

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