EA Will Create a Guest Origin Account for Steam Users

EA Origin

EA Origin and Steam are coming together after a long time. EA games like Battlefield, Star Wars, and others will be accessible through Steam. It is a smart move considering Steam’s large install base and EA’s Origin launcher isn’t the most reliable of platforms. We dug up another patent for you today which sheds some more light on how EA Origin and Steam will communicate with each other.

We were able to locate a patent filed at the United States Trademark and Patents Office.  Electronic Arts filed the patent on November 12, 2019, and it is a very interesting read. It looks like EA will let unregistered Steam players access to EA Origin games.

Players would still require an EA Origin account to play games via Steam but EA will create a guest account for you. Both Steam and EA Origin will link up with the same credentials, at least that’s what it sounds like.

This disclosure relates to enabling a user to access a game without registering for a platform account. In implementations, if an unregistered user attempts to access a game supported by a gaming platform, a guest account may be automatically created for the user in response to receiving a request for the user to access the game. The guest account may enable the user to access the game without first registering with the gaming platform.

EA and Steam will kick off their partnership with the launch of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. This is just a beginning though, EA plans to bring a ton of other games to Valve’s Steam platform. The aforementioned details come only a few days after the news of cross-save and cross-progression between EA Origin and Steam.