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EA Wants To Age Character Voices Using Machine Learning


Electronic Arts (EA) is set to revolutionize the gaming world with a groundbreaking approach to character voice development. In a bold move disclosed through an EA patent filing, the maker of Dragon Age is exploring the use of machine learning to age characters’ voices in video games. The technology, detailed in the patent US 11,735,158 B1, promises an unprecedented level of realism in gaming experiences.

EA’s patent introduces a method for “Voice Aging Using Machine Learning,” focusing on altering voice audio data in video games. This innovation aims to match characters’ voices with their age as they evolve in a game’s storyline. Imagine playing a game where a character’s voice matures in real-time, aligning perfectly with their journey and experiences.

How Does It Work?

The core of this technology lies in a machine-learned age converter model. It begins with an initial audio sample which is then processed to reflect the age characteristics of the character. The model is versatile, utilizing various neural network architectures like auto-regressive sequence-to-sequence models, LSTM models, GAN-based models, or transformer models.

To achieve this, the system might start with a text-to-speech model to generate an initial audio signal. This signal is then passed through the age converter model, transforming it into a voice that resonates with the speaker’s different age.

For a system this sophisticated, an extensive training dataset is essential. EA’s model is trained with audio samples from individuals of various ages, each tagged with an accurate age classification. The system learns the nuances of how voices change over time, adjusting pitch, timbre, and other vocal qualities to match specific age groups.

This technology is not just a leap for EA but could prove to be a giant stride for the gaming industry. Characters in video games can now have dynamic, age-accurate voices, adding a layer of depth and realism previously unattainable.

Imagine a game character growing from a young, vibrant voice to a mature, seasoned tone as the game progresses. This level of detail could greatly enhance emotional engagement and storytelling in games like Dragon Age, Star Wars, and other single-player experiences.

Source: USPTO (Via VeryAliGaming)

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