EA Origin and Steam Will Work in Tandem, EA Working on Cross Save and Progression Sharing

EA origin

EA recently announced its grand return to Steam with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and EA Access which’s something in 2020. Electronic Arts is planning to bring a ton of games to Steam but it won’t split the community on both platforms. EA Origin will work in a similar manner to how uPlay and Steam interact with each other.

EA filed a patent on November 5 that confirmed cross-save and cross-progression between Origin and Steam for EA games. The following description is from the United States Patents and Trademarks Office.

Individual users may log into the same online game from multiple different social networking platforms. The disclosed technology provides a way to unite users’ accounts such that users that have logged into the online game from different social networking platforms can have their progress in the online game preserved regardless of which social networking platforms the user logged in from.

Business intelligence about differences in the user’s value when logging in from the different social networking platforms can be determined and incentivizing actions can be performed on the social networking platforms based on the business intelligence.

To access their games users will still have to create an EA Origin account and link both Steam and Origin to access the game session.

The system allows EA to keep track of all the users that access their games through Steam and understand their playing habits and most importantly, spending habits.

EA will keep track of “revenue generated, virtual currency bought or sold, time logged into online game,  time logged into the first online platform (Origin), or number of friends or associates on the first (Origin) and second (Steam) online platform.”