Dyson Sphere Program Power Guide – How To Power Your Mech And Generate Power

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Power is one of the most important resources the players need in the Dyson Sphere Program. Without it, players can’t do much of anything as players need to power the factories and production lines. In this Dyson Sphere Program guide, we will help players with how to generate power, how to power their mech, and what sources of power players can find in the game.

Dyson Sphere Program Power and Energy

While the main purpose of the Dyson Sphere Program is to harness the heat of the Sun and convert it into power. However, players need a ton of power and energy from different sources to keep their factories and production lines running. Here is how players can generate power and which are the best sources of power and energy.

Power Grid

Power Grid in Dyson Sphere Program is very simple. It consists of buildings that generate power, buildings that consume the generated power, a building that connects generators with the consuming factory, and a structure that stores power.

How does a power grid work? Well, every power generating structure and every range-extender like Tesla Towers create a circle around them. Any factory or production line in this circle will be powered. It’s simple as that. However, It’s recommended that players should build power generators away from factories or production buildings and use Telsa Towers to connect them.

How To Generate Power

There are multiple ways to generate power in Dyson Sphere Program including Wind Turbines, Thermal Power stations, Solar Panels, Ray Receiver, and an Artificial Star.

Wind Turbine generates a maximum of 300kW but, the power generation varies from planet to planet. Thermal Power Station generates a maximum of 2.16MW of power but, requires constant burning of fuel. Players can check the types of fuel in the table below. The solar panel generates 360kW of Power at max but only when the Sun is shining on it and the power generation varies from planet to planet.

Ray Receiver generates a maximum of 5MW of Power but requires a Dyson Swarm. As the name suggests, Ray Receiver receives power generated by the Dyson Swarm and can only receive when the Swarm is in its view. As for the Artificial Star, it’s extremely expensive but generates a maximum of 75MW.

Energy Sources

Thermal Power Station requires to burn fuel constantly to generate power so that players can use it to run their factories and production lines. This means players need to have a steady supply of fuel. The following are the types of fuel that players can use to burn and generate energy using the Thermal Power Station along with their FCG. FCG or Fuel Chamber Generation value is a value indicating how quickly the fuel can be converted into energy.

Fuel Type FCG Energy
Planet Fuel -30% 500 KJ
Log -10% 1.5 MJ
Organic Crystal -20% 1.8 MJ
Cole 0% 2.7 MJ
Energetic Graphite +60% 6.3 MJ
Crude Oil +20% 4 MJ
Refined Oil +30% 4.4 MJ
Hydrogen +100% 8MJ
Deuterium +100% 8 MJ
Diamond -50% 900 KJ
Graphene -70% 96 KJ
Carbon Nanotube -80% 84 KJ
Fire Icce +40% 4.8 MJ
Hydrogen Fuel Rod +200% 40 MJ
Deuteron Fuel Rod +300% 600 MJ
Antimatter Fuel Rod +500% 7.5 GJ
Full Accumulator +100% 90 MJ

How To Power Mech

Dyson Sphere Program requires players to constantly burn Fuel to power their Mechs. Every player action consumes energy. While the Mech generates a small amount of it on its own but, it’s now enough. This means players have to burn Fuel in the Mech’s Fuel chamber to power it. Just press C and choose the type of Fuel from your inventory and drop it into the Fuel Chamber.

As the above table showcases, each Fuel type generates a different amount of energy. The best Fuel to burn for your mech is the Energetic Graphite as it can be stacked to 100. Meaning players don’t need to frequently return to restock on Fuel.

That is all for our Dyson Sphere Program Power Guide with tips on how to power your Mech, types of Fuel, and how to generate power. For more on the game, also see our How to Get More Titanium and How To Make The Dyson Swarm.

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