How To Build And Use The Orbital Collector In Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Orbital Collector, Dyson Swarm

Dyson Sphere Program isn’t an easy game and demands dedication. Players have to build devices and machines to help them gather resources and increase their production. Orbital Collector is one of the devices that players can use to gather resources and in this Dyson Sphere Program guide, we will help players with how to use the Orbital Collector.

How To Build The Orbital Collector

Before players get to use the Orbital Collector, they have to build one and do a lot of research. Players have to unlock Interplanetary Logistics System, Gas Giant Exploits, and Energy Storage. Players can also unlock Interstellar Power Transmission, however, this one isn’t necessary but it’s useful to unlock.

To build an Orbital Collector, players need to make the Logistics Stations and then build an Interstellar Logistics Station. Not only that, players then need 20 Accumulators and a Charged Accumulator.

To charge an accumulator, place it in your power network and it’ll start charging overtime but it will take time. Players can use a Power Exchanger to directly transfer the energy to the accumulator. It’ll instantly charge the accumulator.

Players also need sub-components for the Orbital Collector. If players have production units for the sub-components, then it’ll be a little bit easy. If not, then players have to manually produce all the sub-components required. Once you have all the resources and the research, start building the Orbital Collectors.

How To Use The Orbital Collector

Once the Orbital Collector is built, take off and go to a gas giant. Once there, players need to find the equator. Take out the Orbital Collector and hold it out to find it. Also, players can’t place two Orbital Collectors close to each other and there has to be a lot of distance between them.

Once the Orbital Collector is placed, it’ll automatically start collecting gasses. Also, gas giants have infinite gas so don’t worry about running out of gas resources.

Go back to the place where you will be receiving the gasses and players need an Interstellar Logistics Station. Players need a Logistic Vessel to pick up and deliver the gases from the Orbital Collector.

That is all for our Dyson Sphere Program on how to build and use the Orbital Collector. For more on the game, also see our How to Rotate Buildings Guide and Mecha Upgrades Guide.

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