How To Make The Dyson Swarm In Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Orbital Collector, Dyson Swarm

Almost everything in Dyson Sphere Program requires power to run and Dyson Swarm is the most efficient way to generate power. In this Dyson Sphere Program, we will help players with how to make the Dyson Swarm.

How To Make The Dyson Swarm

Dyson Swarm is one of the most efficient ways to fulfill your energy needs in the Dyson Sphere Program and here is how to build a Dyson Swarm.

To make a Dyson Swarm, players need EM-Rail Ejector, Solar Sails, and Ray Reciever. Players will have to research Solar Sail Orbit System to unlock EM-Rail Ejector and Solar Sails. As for the Ray Reciever, players have to complete the research of the same name.

However, there are a lot of pre-requisites to these researches in the research tree. By the time you unlock Ray Reciever, you would have unlocked most of the research tree.

The EM-Rail Ejector shoots Solar Sails at the orbit around that sun that players choose. However, the EM-Rail Ejectors will be inactive when the Sun is not in view. Now only that, it needs to be a certain pitch to shoot sails.

While it not necessary but, it’s recommended that you have two stations with EM-Rail Ejectors on each side of the planet so that EM-Rail Ejectors shoot Solar Sails at the sun.

The reason why I recommend this is that Solar Sails have a limited life span depending on the upgrades you have for the Solar sails. With a station at each side of the planet, the EM-Rail Ejectors will be constantly shooting Solar Sails at the sun so that Solar Sails are constantly orbiting it.

Once players have built the station with EM-Rail Ejectors, click on the EM-Rail Ejectors and it’ll show the numbers of orbits. Players can create new orbits for the Dyson Swarm by clicking Edit Orbit. Players can change the inclination, latitude, and raids of the Orbit if they want but, the game also detects the orbit for the player. Hit “Create” to make the new orbit and then add the orbit.

Now click on the EM-Rail Ejector again and select the orbit in which you want to shoot the Sails. Once the EM-Rail has a shot at the orbit, it’ll automatically shart shooting Solar Sails at the sun.

Once that is done, place a Ray Receiver and it’ll start receiving power from the Solar Sails. Also, place Ray Receivers all over the planet to receive energy from the Dyson Swarm. This energy gets added to the player’s power network.

That is all for our Dyson Sphere Program Guide on how to make a Dyson Swarm. For more on the game, also see our Matrix Cubes Recipes Guide and How to Get Infinite Sulfuric Acid.

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