Collecting resources is probably one of the first things players will do in the Dyson Sphere Program. To effectively collect resources, however, players need to understand how to control their Mecha and manage its Core Energy effectively. In this Dyson Sphere Program guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how Core Energy works, collecting resources, and controlling Mecha in the game.

Dyson Sphere Program Guide

Below, players can find a few helpful tips and tricks that’ll help them better understand Core Energy, Mecha controls, and efficiently collecting resources in the game:

Collecting Resources

Players can guide mecha to a resource by right-clicking on the ground. Once there, mecha can be ordered to collect the resource. Mecha can also complete a series of objectives by pressing the Shift and Right Mouse Button.

Understanding Core Energy

Mecha in the game requires Core Energy to do almost everything. These things include collecting, building, replicating, and even moving. At any time, players can check their remaining Core Energy by looking at the bar at the bottom of the screen. It’s important that players always keep an eye on Core Energy. If mecha’s Core Energy is running low, it won’t be able to move faster, complete research, etc.

In order to refuel mecha, players need to open up the panel by pressing ‘C’ and use the Fuel Chamber. The rate at which mecha recovers energy depends on the power of the Fuel Chamber. As for the fuel, players can use things like logs, plant fuel, coal, etc.

How to Control Mecha

Mecha can be controlled by AWSD or right-clicking. It can also jump by pressing the ‘Space’ key. In addition to this, Mecha can also fly and float on water after unlocking required upgrades. Floating in water is an automated action that Mecha performs whenever it dives into the water. However, do note that Mecha consumes a lot of Core Energy while floating in the water.

Flying, on the other hand, requires Drive Engine Level 1 and Drive Engine Level 2 upgrades. With these upgrades unlocked, double-tapping the ‘Space’ key will cause the Mecha to take flight. While in the air, it can be controlled by using the WSAD keys. To change altitude, press the ‘Space’ and ‘Alt’ keys. Like floating in the water, flying in the air increases Core Energy consumption by 150%.

Lastly, players should consider getting high-end fuel instead of low-level ones. This is because high-end fuel provides more fuel power but also increases recovery by a huge margin.

That’s all we’ve got in our Dyson Sphere Program guide to mecha energy and collecting resources. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Dyson Sphere Program wiki guides.

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