Dyson Sphere Program Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Get Better

Dyson Sphere Program Tips

Dyson Sphere Program is a hot new game that you can check out now. As this a new game, you might have some trouble getting started. In this Dyson Sphere Program beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you get started.

Dyson Sphere Program Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Dyson Sphere Program.

Know Your Ores

When you touchdown you will notices crystals around you. The Red ones are Copper, Blue ones are Iron and the plants can be used for fuel. There are other nodes for stone, coal and oil as well.

Getting Started With A Mining Machine

Setting up mining machines from the start is going to go a long way as you are going to need resources. You then have to use belts in order to move the resources from the mining machine. You can stack belts between mining machines. The more veins you have covered the better. 6 veins are going to be the best and you will need 2 mining machines in order to fill up a belt.

Powering The Mech

Your mech has an energy bar and as you do tasks it is going to go down. It does slowly charge overtime when you are not active but that is very slow. You need to feed your mech combustible items in order to recharge. These items include Plant Fuel, Logs, Coal, Hydrogen and Fuel Rods. Open your Mech Panel and drag fuel into the fuel chamber in order to power the mecha core.

Knowing The Sorters

As the name implies these are going to filter out different things and sort them. Note that you can have multiple belts going into them. There are three ranges. The first one is going to be the faster, the second one is going to be a bit slower and the third one is going to be the slowest. So you can have three parallel belts going into the machine.

Dyson Sphere Program Tips

This is obviously early game. Once you have progressed enough you can upgrade them to work twice as fast. You do need to be careful how many items are coming out and how many items are going in.

Smelters And Assemblers

Smelters are going to break down your ore. You can Hook them up to a belt that is carrying ore and it is going to do its job. Assemblers are going to make things out of the ore that has been broken down. Note that if you have the Smelter and the Assembler close to one another then you are not going to need a belt between them. They can move objects between one another directly.

You can also build a storage unit next to the Assembler which will then move your products into storage. Note that you should build the storage unit close to the assembler in order to maximize speed and avoid any bottlenecks down the line.

Stacking Buildings

In Dyson Sphere Program, compact builds are going to be key. That is why one of the features that you can use is building stacking. This allows you to build some buildings on top of others. This can save space and optimize production.

Copy And Pasting Buildings Will Save You Time

One of the cool things that you can do in Dyson Sphere Program is copying and pasting buildings and one of the tips is to use the feature to save time. The key combinations can be different depending on the region that you are in and the layout of your keyboard. Head into the hotkeys menu to find the copy and paste shortcuts to quickly set up buildings.

These are all the Dyson Sphere Program tips and tricks that we have for you. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can craft the Matrix Lab. For more content related to the game, you can check out our Dyson Sphere Program guides hub.

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