Dyson Space Program Matrix Cubes Recipes Guide

Dyson Sphere Program Matrix Cubes

Matrix Cubes are a key component in Dyson Sphere Program. There are 6 types of cubes available in the game and as you progress, it becomes even more difficult to craft. But to progress in the game, you need to figure out how to make them. In this quick guide, I will explain everything you need about Matrix Cubes crafting recipes used in Dyson Sphere Program.

Dyson Sphere Program Matrix Cubes Crafting Recipes

Note: You need Matrix Labs to craft Matrix Cubes in Dyson Sphere Program. Visit our Matrix Labs guide for more information on the topic.

Electromagnetic Matrix (Blue Matrix Cube)

  • 1x Magnetic Coil
  • 1x Circuit Board

Structure Matrix (Yellow Matrix Cube)

  • 1x Diamond
  • 1x Titanium Cyrstal

Energy Matrix (Red Matrix Cube)

  • 2x Energetic Graphite
  • 2x Hydrogen

Information Matrix (Purple Matrix Cube)

  • 2x Processor
  • 1x Particle Broadband

Universe Matrix (White Matrix Cube)

  • 1x Electromagnetic Matrix
  • 1x Energy Matrix
  • 1x Structure Matrix
  • 1x Information Matrix
  • 1x Gravity Matrix
  • 1x Antimatter

Gravity Matrix (Green Matrix Cubes)

  • 1x Graviton Lens
  • 1x Quantum Chip

To tell you a bit about the production of the cubes; there are two modes in Matrix Labs. In Production mode, the lab will automatically produce the cubes. In Research mode, the Matrix Labs will consume the cubes and do research on them. Set the Matrix Lab in Production mode to build Matrix Cubes in Dyson Sphere Program. You then select the type of cube you want to make.

And that’s all you need to know on how to make Matrix Cubes in Dyson Sphere Program.

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