Among the multiple types of collectibles in Dying Light 2 are the tapes. You can find them at multiple locations in the open world. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all tape locations in the game.

Dying Light 2 Tape Locations

The following is the complete list of Tapes you can find in Dying Light 2.

Take Location #1: During the main story, you will visit Cillian’s Safe House at one point in the game. The tape is under the TV.

Tape Location #2: Go to the Rooftop School Settlement where a tape is sitting on a table with a globe.

Tape Location #3: Behind the Bazaar, there is a hallway near Trader and Craftmaster, north side. Inside the hallway, there is another Tape.

Tape Location #4: When behind the Bazaar head upstairs where you should find a Tape on a log near a red tank.

Tape Location #5: Once you find the last Tape, go to the sleeping bad Rest spot to find another one.

Tape Location #6: Go to the Pumpkin Farm Settlement where you can find a tape on a table.

Tape Location #7: You can find another tape inside the North Trading Post Settlement.

Tape Location #8: Go to the Quarry End and head up to the roof to reach Nightrunner’s Hideout where another tape is waiting.

Tape Location #9: Go to the North Quarry and look inside a house north of Oak Windmill.

Tape Location #10: Scale the Bazaar and halfway up you will find another tape.

Tape Location #11: The Military Airdrop THB 17-U in North Horseshoe has a tape sitting on a desk at the top floor of the northern building.

Tape Location #12: A tape is at the very bottom of the Holy Trinity Metro Station.

Tape Location #13: You can pick this one up during Water Tower main quest.

Tape Location #14: Go to the THV Genomics Center, one floor down.

Tape Location #15: Look in the building under the Cherry Windmill, west side.

Tape Location #16: Go to the Center for Stage IV THV Study and check behind the first metal door for yet another Tape.

Tape Location #17: Check the tower overlooking the GRE Anomaly site.

Tape Location #18: Go to the Nightrunner’s Hideout on top of Saint Joseph Hospital and check a wooden crate for another tape.

Tape Location #19: You will come across this during the Revolution Main Quest.

Tape Location #20: Restore the power to the windmill in Downtown and look to your left for your next tape.

Tape Location #21: The Nightrunner’s Hideout in Downtown has a tape over a painting.

Tape Location #22: Go to the top floor of the Fish Eye Canteen and look behind the blue couch.

Tape Location #23: Use the elevator in the Garrison’s Electrical Station. In the next location, you should see another tape near the activation marker.

Tape Location #24: Top of the Wharf Water Tower.

Tape Location #25: You can find this during the Welcome on Board Story main quest.

Tape Location #26: Play the Broadcast questline.

Tape Location #27: Play the Broadcast questline.

Tape Location #28: After the Broadcast questline take the elevator to the roof or use the other path of reach the roof.  Jump to the opposite roof from the large antenna and pick up the tape from a GRE trailer.

Tape Location #29: Go to the Observatory and go past the Garrison to find a shack/Nightrunner’s Hideout.

Tape Location #30: You can pick it up during The Shoe main quest.

Tape Location #31: This tape is acquired using a Grappling hook. The tape is alongside the Nightrunner’s Hideout Generator.

Tape Location #32: Play the “Now or Never” Quest where the tape is located near the laptop in Waltz’s room.

Tape Location #33: Search in the adjacent room to Waltz’s research lab.

Tape Location #34: Near Waltz’s bed in the Renegade Stronghold.

That’s everything you need to know on how to find all tapes in Dying Light 2. Need more help? See How to Get Secret Weapon, How to Repair Weapons, Best Skills.

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