Dying Light 2 players report the game not working in Multiplayer mode. This prevents players from playing with friends and even halts the public game mode. However, many fixes are available since these errors usually occur in other games. So, try the ones we’ve mentioned below and see which works for you.

Fix 1: Load the Game in Offline Mode

It is always better to go for a simple and quick solution before going into technical or lengthy ones. This fix has worked out for many players, as per the report. So, try it out and see if it works.

Switch off your network connection and launch the game in offline mode. This will automatically have no problem now, as there is no internet connection. However, quickly turn on the network connection once you load the saved file. After a while, the game will realize the internet connection and switch to multiplayer mode. If this doesn’t work out, don’t worry; we’ve got many other ways to solve your problem.

Fix 2: Create a Party before Launching the Game

Like before, we’ve got another simple fix that doesn’t take up much time. All you need to do is create a party before launching the game. This has a good chance of working out as many people report about it online, and hopefully, it solves your multiplayer issue in Dying Light 2.

Fix 3: Reduce your Steam Friends

Many users reported that decreasing their friend list helped them get their multiplayer mode back and running in Dying Light 2. However, note that this fix isn’t for you if you are one of those people with 2 to 5 friends. Usually, this applies to users with 200 to 300 friends. To do this, launch Steam and in the bottom-right corner, look for a Friend & Chat section and click on it. Once inside, you’ll see a list of friends you can choose from. When you remove a person from the friend list, right-click on their icon, and under the Manage section, click on Remove as a friend.

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Fix 4: Verify the Integrity of Game Files

If the above fixes aren’t doing it for you, then there might be a game file corruption, for which you’ll need to use the “Verify integrity of game files” option that Steam has.

Launch the Steam client and head over to the Library section to perform this fix. Find the Dying Light 2 game and right-click on it to open properties.

Inside the properties windows, look for a Local files section and open it. You’ll find the “Verify integrity of game file” option, so click on it and wait for it to do its job. Once done with the procedure, head back to the game and launch it in Multiplayer mode to see if it works.

That is all for our fixes for Dying Light 2 multiplayer not working issue. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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