Dying Light 2 is a story-driven open-world experience that players can complete with friends. However, Dying Light 2 players report the Multiplayer isn’t working which prevents them from playing with friends and even halts the public game mode. There are multiple reasons why the multiplayer isn’t working for you like corrupt game files, network issues, date and time being out of sync, and more. In this guide, I will help players fix the Dying Light 2 multiplayer not working issues.


Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Not Working Fixes You Can Try

Dying Light was a very popular game when it launched and its post-launch support was excellent. Dying Light 2 s no different as developer Techland is supporting the sequel with new updates and content. However, some player report that multiplayer mode isn’t working in Dying Light 2 and they are unable to play the game with their friends. As I mentioned above, there are multiple reasons why the multiplayer mode isn’t working and the following are the fixes that will help players.

Complete The Prologue

A lot of players are unable to play Dying Light 2 in co-op or multiplayer because they haven’t completed the prologue. Co-op or multiplayer opens up once players have completed the prologue. The prologue has three quests that players must complete:

  • Pilgrim’s Path
  • Getting Stronger
  • Markers of Plague 

Once you complete the “Markers of Plague” quest, the prologue completes, and a prompt will pop up telling you that co-op is now available.


Launch the Game in Offline Mode

Running the game offline has worked for a lot of players and it’s simple to implement. Disconnect your internet connection with your PC by disabling WiFi or removing the LAN cable. Launch Dying Light 2 in offline mode and when the game loads your save files, connect your PC to the internet. Wait for a short while for the game to recognize that an internet connection is available and switch to the multiplayer mode.

Note: If you don’t know how to disable WiFi, click on the network icon on the bottom right > Wifi > turn it off.

Create a Party before Launching the Game

Players report creating a party before launching Dying Light 2 fixes the multiplayer not working issue.

Reduce Your Steam Friends

Having a lot of Steam friends is another reason why Dying Light 2 multiplayer or co-op isn’t working. Players report that having 300 or more friends causes the multiplayer to stop working. While this isn’t ideal, players reported that reducing their Steam friends fixed the issue. Open Steam > Friends > View Friends List. Right-click the Steam user you want to unfriend > Manage > remove as a friend.


Verify Game Files

Corrupt game files is another reason behind the multiplayer not working in Dying Light 2. Open Steam client > right-click Dying Light 2 in Steam library > properties > Installed Files > click “Verify integrity of game files”. Let the scan complete and it’ll download any corrupt or missing Dying Light 2 files, fixing the multiplayer mode not working issue.

Synchronize Date and Time

If the date and time on your PC don’t match with the Internet, this can result in Dying Light 2 multiplayer not working. The fix is simple, sync the date and time for your PC with the internet. Open Windows settings > Time & Language > Enable “Set time automatically” and also select the correct Time Zone. After that, click on Sync Now under “Additional Settings”. Launch Dying Light 2 and the co-op will be working.

That is all for our fixes for Dying Light 2 multiplayer not working issue. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.


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