One of the collectibles in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance are tablets. You can find them during various quests. They are pretty easy to spot while you play through different quests in the game. In this guide, we will discuss all Dark Alliance Tablets locations.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Tablets Locations

The following are all tablet locations in Dark Alliance.

Names  Locations 
Rendaril’s Emporium  Complete A Feast for all Cretins quest 
Coronation of The King  Complete A Feast for all Cretins quest 
The Deeds and Death of Hjurnur Dragonslayer  Complete A Feast for all Cretins quest 
Discovery by Kessell  Complete Designs of the Duergar quest 
Dominated By Kessell  Complete Designs of the Duergar quest 
Expulsion of The Verbeeg  Complete Designs of the Duergar quest 
Tactics of the Verbeeg  To Be Added 
Tactics of the Verbeeg  Complete Designs of the Duergar quest 
Vonindod  Complete The Verbeeg Jamboree quest 
The Dwarven Forge  Complete The Verbeeg Jamboree quest 
The Sea of Moving Ice  Complete The Verbeeg Jamboree 
Knuckhead Trout  To Be Added 
Their Hill Giant Differentiators  To Be Added 
The Shard’s Voice  To Be Added 
Good Mead  To Be Added 
The Thousand Years War  To Be Added 
Settlement of Cindry’s Rift  To Be Added 
Othea’s Offspring  To Be Added 
The Mining of Kelvin’s Cairn  To Be Added 
Raiders and Caravans  To Be Added 
Birth of The Verbeeg  To Be Added 
Construction of Bangor’s Span  To Be Added 
The Reghed Glacier  To Be Added 
Allegiance With Utaar  Complete Goblins at the Gates quest 
The Long Winter  Complet Goblins at the Gates quest 
The Hazards of Icewind Dale  To Be Added 
Degenrations and Obsessions  To Be Added 
Settlement of Netherhall  To Be Added 
A Rain of Stars  To Be Added 
Kelvin’s Marriage and Seat of Power  Complete The Face of Kelvin quest 
Allies of Kelvin  Complete The Face of Kelvin quest 
Scattered Ruins  Complete The Face of Kelvin quest 
Mysterious Origin  Complete The Face of Kelvin quest 
Temple of the Everspring Tree  To Be Added 
The Rise of Kessel  To Be Added 
The Spine of the World  To Be Added 
The Sudden Disappearance  To Be Added 
Destruction of the Towers  To Be Added 
The Long Winter  To Be Added 
The Sea of Moving Ice  To Be Added 
Kelvin’s Alliance  To Be Added 
Kelvin and Crystal Shard  To Be Added 
Kelvin Cairn  To Be Added 
Betrayal in Netherhall  To Be Added 
A Simple Life, A Cunning Mind  To Be Added 
The Fall of Ostoria and The Dark Age of the Jotun  To Be Added 
The Tomb of Kelvin  To Be Added 
Their Association With Goblins  Complete An Infernal Dispute quest 
The Rivers  Complete An Infernal Dispute quest 
The Wonders of Ostoria  Complete Order of the One Light quest 
The Hall of Judgement  Complete Ghost of the Past quest 
Crystal Remnant  Complete Ghost of the Past quest 

Some of the locations will be added as soon as we find them. In the meantime, see how to save progress, Drizzt feats, how to play online.

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