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Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Catti-Brie Feats Guide


Catti-Brie Feats grant this character special powers and abilities. Each character has its own set of Feats and in this guide, we will discuss everyting you need to know about Catti-Brie Feats in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Catti-Brie Feats

Feats are divided into multiple trees and each tree has its own set of feats. There are three types of feats for each character; offensive, defensive, and support.

Feats Effects 
Healer Increased HP when raised to 100% 
Athletic 15% stamina cost reduction from evades and dodges 
Endurance +10% max stamina bonus 
Keep Mind 15% cooldown reduction 
Scavenger Increased useables drops 
Lucky +7% gold drop bonus 
Persuasive 10% reduction in Merchant prices 
Pack Rat Increased useable capacity 
Stalker +5% Physical Damage 
Martial Adept +10% Physical Damage on melee attacks 
Horde Breaker +15% Physical Damage when 3 or more enemies are within 20m. 
Quick Draw 15% Cooldown Reduction 
Sharpshooter 15% Critical Chance on Arrows 
Piercing Arrow 100% Physical Damage with Charged Arrows 
Colossus Slayer 15% Physical Damage on enemies below 25% health 
Precision Shot +40% Crit Damage from Arrows 
Tough +10% Max Health 
Light Armor Master +7% Armor Bonus 
Resilient +15% Elemental Resistance 
Steel Will +10% Condition Resistance 
Mobile +15% Armor Bonus 

And that’s everything you need to know about Catti-Brie Feats in Dark Alliance. Need more help? See combat tips, how to save progress, Bruenor feats.

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