Feats are special talents or skills in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. Each character has its own set of unique Feats. In this guide, we will discuss feats that give Bruenor Battlehammer special abilities in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.

Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance Bruenor Battlehammer Feats

Feats are divided into trees and each tree has multiple feats for you to unlock. This article won’t divide them into trees instead we will list them all as a single set. However, to make things clear, the feats come in three types.

Bruenor has support, offense, and defensive feats in Dark Alliance. As the names suggest, you can tweak your support characteristics with support feats, offensive characteristics with offense feats, and boost your defence with defense feats.

Feats  Effects 
Healer  Increased HP when raised to 100% 
Athletic  15% stamina cost reduction from evades and dodges 
Endurance  +10% max stamina bonus 
Keep Mind  15% cooldown reduction 
Scavenger  Increased useable drops 
Lucky  +7% gold drop bonus 
Persuasive  10% reduction in Merchant prices 
Pack Rat  Increased useable capacity 
Dungeon Delver  +10% bonus damage against elites 
Battle Master  +15% physical damage bonus for 5s after blocking attacks 
Inspiring Leader  +5% physical damage bonus to you and allies 
Charger  +10% physical damage bonus for 3s after sprinting 
Grudge Bearer  +20% physical damage bonus for 5s after parrying attacks 
Tough  +10 max health bonus 
Shield Master  15% stamina cost reduction on blocks 
Defender  +15% armor bonus 
Resilient  +15% elemental resistance 
Heavy Armor Master  +25% armor bonus 
Indomitable  +30% armor bonus when below 40% health 
Dwarven Fortitude  +20% condition resistance bonus 
Blessing of the all Father  15% Constitution converts into elemental resistance 

And that’s the entire list of Bruenor Battlehammer Feats in Dungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance. Need more help? See how to save progress, combat tips.

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