The Smugglers are a Faction in the game Arrakis that use financial might to subvert other Factions. They have more ties to the Arrakis Black Market, allowing them to obtain better goods cheaper. Meanwhile, they can also build secret bases beneath enemy villages and put bounties on enemy soldiers and leaders.

Dune Spice Wars The Smugglers

Then, when your enemies are exhausted trying to repair the damage, you’ll be able to buy up the planet from under them. Money may be the most valuable thing in the universe, but it’s worth noting without a supply. Procure what you need from Arrakis quickly and cheaply. The Smugglers also have access to superior technology, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. With their powerful financial backing, the Smugglers are a Faction to be reckoned with.


For the Smugglers, warfare is all about synergy and strategy. At the heart of their approach are the unique capabilities of their units. It can drain large amounts of supply from opposing troops. These capabilities allow the Smugglers to precisely target enemies, rapidly depleting their resources and leaving them vulnerable to a final knockout blow.

In addition to this more direct approach, the Smugglers are also skilled at skirmishing, rapidly moving in and out of the enemy territory, and launching surprise attacks that constantly keep the enemy on their toes. Whether by taking advantage of specialized unit capabilities or engaging in hit-and-run tactics, the Smugglers can consistently outmaneuver and overpower their opponents with their well-rounded and innovative approach to warfare.


Like the Harkonnens, the Smugglers are economically-inclined folks. However, unlike the empire that focuses on profit via exploitation, smugglers prefer more complicated and subtle methods of obtaining money. They do so with their own Underworld Headquarters gameplay element, allowing players to construct smaller bases in villages controlled by other factions.

Each base comes with two construction slots and uses to build various structures that provide economic, military, or stately bonuses. For example, the smuggler’s den allows for the recruitment of additional units, while the smuggling operation boosts the faction’s income.

In the game of Hegemony, when a player reaches the 10000-point threshold, they gain the ability to recruit powerful Mercenary units. These units are significantly stronger than the baseline troops of the various factions and don’t require any research to unlock.

In addition, Smuggler Mercenaries come with a bonus of 20% to their strength, making them even more formidable. With this ability, smugglers can easily swing the tide of battle in their favor and take control of the Hegemony.

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