In the harsh desert world of Dune: Spice Wars, Solari is the universal currency used throughout the diverse and sprawling empire of the Imperium. If you want to come out on top, you need to ensure that you get the most spice for your Solari.

Dune Spice Wars Solari Money Farming

Though Solari is the official currency within the Imperium itself, it can be used for trade and bartering with other factions. Furthermore, to maintain one’s burgeoning colonies and recruit soldiers for battle, one must have a steady stream of Solari to meet all of these essential needs.

Spice Harvesting

To get more spices into your village, you must first capture more villages with abundant spice production. Then, players can build refineries in these areas to harvest and process the local spice crops. In addition, you may also construct Spice Silos in your village or a nearby ally to increase up to 20% more the spices that you produce. But before you can build those silos, you will need to finish other important improvements, such as Arrakis Secret, which allows you to construct new silos and boost the growth of your fragile spice crops.

Spice Slider

One of the most important aspects of Dune Spice Wars is managing your Spice economy. A spice slider indicates the spice threshold in the top left corner of the screen. Throughout the campaign, you should play with the slider to find the perfect balance for your empire. If your Spice economy is strong, you can accumulate as much spice as you want. Once you’ve amassed enough to promptly pay your Spice tax obligation, you may sell it to shareholders for extra Solari. However, be careful not to let your Spice reserves dwindle too low, or you’ll face harsh penalties. Keep a close eye on the spice slider and make sure your empire is always in compliance with the spice trade regulations.

Solari Money

There are many different ways to make money in the post-apocalyptic spice world. Perhaps one of the most effective and reliable options is to take over villages in areas rich with rare minerals (which can give you 30% More Solari). These rare ores or elements can then be processed at a processing plant. Yet, You can unlock them by researching structured warehouses in the orange research tab. By taking over villages or towns and establishing a processing plant there, you can greatly increase your overall income from Solari.

There are a few smaller ways to earn extra Solari outside of selling spice. The best way is by taking over villages in regions that have Rare Minerals. By researching “Structured Warehouses” in the orange research tab, you can unlock the Processing Plant. Building one of these in an area with Rare Minerals will give you +30 Solari income.

By sending in agents to do your bidding within Choam, the powerful faction that controls much of Salus’s political landscape, you can increase your income and gain valuable intel on what other factions are up to. You may even be able to poach talented individuals from other countries or convince them to share secrets they’d otherwise keep under wraps. And by establishing a Choam branch in your capital city, you can further improve the effectiveness of all agents assigned there by 30%.

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