The Research Assistant pursuit is one of the most exciting tasks you can undertake in the world of Dredge. In this quest, you’ll be helping the Research Assistant, whose work in the Stellar Basin has been disrupted by a mysterious, enormous creature lurking in the depths.

Join us as we guide you through the steps to successfully complete the Research Assistant pursuit in Dredge.

Before you dive into this adventure, we recommend upgrading your boat to at least the second hull tier and equipping it with a more powerful motor and improved fishing gear. While most of the quest takes place in the Stellar Basin, you’ll receive some gear later on that will require a significant amount of boat slots, so it’s best to be prepared.

Dredge Research Assistant Pursuit: All Research Fish Sample Locations

To complete the Dredge Research Assistant Pursuit you’ll have to collect multiple fish samples including Glowing Octopus, Firefly Squid, Aurora Jellyfish, Anglerfish, Stoplight Loosejaw, Giant Amphipod, and Snailfish. Below is the complete list of Research Fish sample locations:

Location #1: Glowing Octopus

where to find Glowing Octopus

To locate a Glowing Octopus, simply set a crab pot anywhere within the Stellar Basin. You can usually snag one quite near the pontoon in this area, so you might not have to venture too far to obtain your first specimen. It can take up to a day for the Glowing Octopus to show up in our pot, but your results may vary based on the books you’ve perused and the kind of pot you’re utilizing. Having the Mouth of the Deep book helps a lot in catching the Glowing Octopus.

Location #2: Firefly Squid

where to find Firefly Squid

Catching Firefly Squid is a breeze. Simply wait for nighttime and keep an eye out for a shimmering whirlpool of luminescent fish under the water’s surface. Cast your line there, and you’ll reel in plenty of Firefly Squid in no time.

Location #3: Aurora Jellyfish

where to find Aurora Jellyfish

The Aurora Jellyfish proved to be quite elusive during the Pursuit. Simply using a rod or crab pot won’t cut it; you’ll need to do some research and obtain Trawler Nets to have a shot at catching them. These nets allow you to catch fish by cruising through the waters. Our team was able to nab an Aurora Jellyfish by navigating the Stellar Basin at night. If you follow suit, you might just be able to do the same.

Once you’ve successfully caught all three fish species and turned them into the Research Assistant, she’ll advance your quest, granting you access to the heart of the Stellar Basin.

Bonus Sample Fish Locations

After catching the three aforementioned fishes your Research Assistant Pursuit is technically complete. However, you can keep working for the Assistant to get some additional rewards. You’ll need to catch the following bonus fish samples for the Research Assistant.

Location #1: Anglerfish

The Stellar Basin is fairly commonplace to spot Anglerfish, but catching them isn’t as simple as just dropping a line. To successfully reel one in, you’ll need to employ a bit of strategy. This involves fishing at night in areas where Abyssal fish can be found. If your fishing rod isn’t able to reach those depths, you may need to do some research or acquire a new one beforehand. To identify the locations where Anglerfish reside, keep an eye out for fish that appear to be suspended far beneath the water’s surface, as they could be your ticket to a catch.

Location #2: Stoplight Loosejaw

Among all the fish that we encountered in the second part of the Research Assistant Pursuit, the Stoplight Loosejaw proved to be the most formidable to catch. This nocturnal fish is not only rare but also quite challenging to track down.

To increase your chances of catching one, be on the lookout for Disturbed Water zones, where fish with red eyes can be observed swimming beneath the surface. We recommend expanding your search beyond the Stellar Basin and exploring the surrounding waters, departing from the Research Outpost if possible. Doing so will enhance your likelihood of encountering this elusive species.

Location #3: Giant Amphipod

The heart of the Stellar Basin is home to the Giant Amphipods, a fascinating species that you won’t want to miss. To reach them, activate the machine as directed by the Research Assistant, which will temporarily remove the nearby monster from your path. To locate the prime fishing spots for these creatures, keep an eye out for their unique features, particularly their distinct legs that set them apart from other fish in the area. Follow these visual cues and you’ll be sure to reel in a memorable catch.

Location #4: Snailfish

If you’re hoping to catch a Snailfish, you’ll have to venture to the heart of the Stellar Basin. However, snagging one won’t be easy. You’ll need to activate the generator-powered device as instructed to temporarily eliminate the monster in the area. Once it’s safe to do so, make your way to the center, reel in a Snailfish, and quickly make your escape before the creature returns. With some careful planning and a bit of luck, you just might be able to pull off this daring fishing feat.

Upon submitting all the required samples and completing any remaining tasks in the Pursuit, the Research Assistant will finally disclose the reason behind the peculiar fish species found in the area. As a bonus, she will also gift you a new book titled “A Plan for the Future.” Be sure to equip the book and sail around while reading it, as this will unlock the benefits associated with it. Armed with this new understanding, you’ll be better prepared to face any forthcoming challenges and make the most out of your future fishing adventures.

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