In Dredge, players embark on a thrilling journey filled with quests and challenges that keep them engaged and entertained. One such challenge is the quest to find the elusive Stoplight Loosejaw, an aquatic creature shrouded in mystery. Locating this rare fish can be a hard task, especially for those who are new to the game or unaware of its specific locations. This guide is designed to offer detailed insights and directions, enabling players to find the Stoplight Loosejaw with ease and confidence.

The journey to find the Stoplight Loosejaw will take you through various locations in Dredge, each offering unique challenges and rewards. This guide will provide you with crucial information on the two primary locations where you can find and get the Stoplight Loosejaw, ensuring that you can complete the Research Assistant Pursuit and reap the benefits it offers.

How to Find Stoplight Loosejaw

While playing Dredge, there are two primary locations where you can find and get Stoplight Loosejaw. The first location to find Stoplight Loosejaw in Dredge is northeast of the Old Fortress, specifically at the southwest corner of E6.

To locate this spot, use the map provided, and upon arrival at the location, you will see red lights moving underwater. These lights indicate the presence of Stoplight Loosejaw. To get one, simply fish it from the Disturbed Water at this location.

The second location to find Stoplight Loosejaw in Dredge is southeast Stellar Basin, which is the southwest corner of H2. When you reach this location, the red lights will also guide you to the exact spot where you can find Stoplight Loosejaw. If you face difficulty finding the lights, refer to the accompanying map, which marks the relevant location.

Dredge Stoplight Loosejaw location

Once you find and get a Stoplight Loosejaw in Dredge, return it to the Researcher at the Old Fortress. If this completes the Research Assistant Pursuit, you’ll receive a book called A Plan for the Future.

This book provides a 15% chance of not reducing fish stocks when catching fish with a rod, complementing the bonus from the Sustainable Fishing book obtained through the Package Delivery Pursuit.

With these two locations in Dredge, finding Stoplight Loosejaw becomes a lot easier. After catching the Stoplight Loosejaw, completing the Research Assistant Pursuit, and receiving A Plan for the Future, your next task in Dredge will likely involve searching for relics. You may target the ring in the center of Stellar Basin or explore new areas within the open-world game.

In conclusion, by following this guide to find Stoplight Loosejaw in Dredge, you will successfully locate and get the elusive creature, allowing you to progress through the game and fully enjoy your Dredge experience. Remember to visit both locations and use the red lights as a guide to ensure you can find and get Stoplight Loosejaw in Dredge effectively.

That’s everything you need to know to get the Spotlight Loosejaw. Have a better way of finding it? Let us know in the comments below.

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