Fishing is one of the key gameplay elements of the newly released Dredge. Fish are not only used as a resource to help you progress but also some quests require you to find and catch certain types of fish; An example of this would be the Caught to Order Pursuit. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to fish in Dredge and discuss the fishing mini-game.

During gameplay, numerous locations are available for you to throw out your fishing lines. Keep an eye out for spots with turbulent water, as well as visible outlines of creatures swimming beneath the waves. As you approach, an image of a fishing hook will materialize on the display, indicating that it’s an opportune moment to commence angling in that area.

How to Fish in Dredge and Mini-Game Explained

Step 1: Find the Perfect Fishing Spot – Once you’ve found an ideal location to cast your line, press the ‘F’ key on your keyboard to initiate the fishing process.

Step 2: Begin the Mini-Game – To start the fishing mini-game, either click on the “Start Fishing” button or press the ‘F’ key once more. Keep in mind that the mini-game’s specifics may vary based on the fish species, but the fundamental principles remain consistent.

Step 3: Speed Up the Catch – Reeling in the fish is automated but can be time-consuming. To hasten the process, click the “Pull” button or press the ‘F’ key when the indicator overlaps the green zone. Successfully doing so will significantly reduce the time it takes to pull the fish from the water.

Dredge fishing mini game.

Pro Tip

You can bypass the fishing mini-game in Dredge by turning it off from the options menu.

Step 4: Avoid Mistimed Clicks – Be cautious not to click at the wrong time. If the indicator is outside the green area when you click, the fish will release more line, prolonging the process.

Step 5: Aim for the Yellow Zone – Occasionally, you’ll encounter a yellow zone instead of a green one. Although hitting this zone is more challenging, it’s worth attempting, as success will result in catching a higher-value fish within the same species.

Once you’ve caught a fish, store it in the storage area. Keep in mind that by using the right mouse button, you can rotate the fish. This allows you to modify its orientation to fit the available spaces, leading to a more efficient organization within your vessel.

Additionally, you have the option to temporarily store captured fish in a designated area. This provides the opportunity to later select the specimens you wish to carry along.

Occasionally, upon arriving at a fishing spot, you may encounter a crossed-out symbol indicating that fishing is not currently possible. This signifies that your current gear is insufficient for catching specific creatures like the Stoplight Loosejaw. To rectify this, you must explore and acquire new types of fishing rods, purchase them, and equip your vessel accordingly. Doing so will grant access to these previously restricted fishing locations.

Dredge is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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