Dredge is an enthralling and eerie game that offers players the freedom to explore, engage in various activities, and assist NPCs in need. One of the early-game tasks you’ll come across is the Pursuit called “Caught to Order,” which introduces you to the world of fishing in Dredge.

This four-part quest will have you showcasing your fishing skills and locating different fish species. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you’ll quickly navigate through the quest, learning about fish locations, and catching Gulf Flounders, Grey Eels, Arrow Squid, Black Groupers, Common Crabs, Fiddler Crabs, and an Aberrated Fish. Rest assured, all of these are much easier to handle than the notorious Stoplight Loosejaw.

Dredge Caught to Order Pursuit – Step-by-Step Walkthrough

First things first, let’s talk about how to start Caught to Order Pursuit in Dredge. To start Caught to Order, have a conversation with the Fishmonger situated on Greater Marrow. The Fishmonger will provide you with details about a client’s specific preferences for various fish species, and it will be your responsibility to catch them. Your task involves catching a total of seven different fish.

How to Find and Catch Gulf Flounders and Grey Eels

The first part of the Pursuit requires you to catch a Gulf Flounder and a Grey Eel. Both of these fish species can be spotted in The Marrows. Gulf Flounders are usually found in the shallow waters during the daytime and are abundant in numbers, while Grey Eels are more elusive and can be found in the same shallow waters during both day and night.

While searching for Grey Eels, it’s advisable to look out for their unmistakable shadow, which resembles that of an eel. Once you’ve successfully caught both these fish and returned them to the Fishmonger, you can anticipate receiving a reward of approximately $50.

How to Find and Catch Arrow Squid and Black Groupers

The second segment of the Caught to Order Pursuit is a bit more demanding, as it requires you to secure an Arrow Squid and a Black Grouper. These two fish species can be a bit trickier to locate than the previous ones. To capture an Arrow Squid, you will need a specialized fishing rod suitable for use in coastal regions, and it must be done during nighttime hours.

However, fishing at night can sometimes lead to some eerie and unusual events. Arrow Squids can be found more often if you know precisely where to look and when to fish. They’re typically sold for a reasonable price of around $14.

How to Find and Catch Common Crabs & Fiddler Crabs

Instead of relying on traditional fishing methods, you will need to employ Crab Pots, which you can obtain from the Fishmonger. To ensure a successful outcome, we recommend purchasing additional Crab Pots, and investing in three Crab Pots at a cost of $200 would be an excellent starting point for this task.

Crab fishing is relatively easy and straightforward. You need to place your Crab Pots in areas with a high yield and return after a few days to collect your haul. The vicinity around the docks is an ideal location for catching Common and Fiddler Crabs, and any area with a depth between 0M and 10M is suitable for finding both crab species.

After you have dropped your Crab Pots, take three days to relax and engage in fishing or other leisure activities around Greater Marrow. Following this, return to your Crab Pots, retrieve your catch, and take it back to the Fishmonger. Common Crabs usually sell for approximately $5, while Fiddler Crabs can fetch up to $35.

How to Find and Catch Aberrated Fish

Luckily, the Fishmonger is not particular about the type of fish you bring back, as long as it has an unnatural appearance. We have a full guide on Aberrant fish, but in short, watch for a ghastly green glow when fishing. This glow indicates the presence of a mutated version of a fish, and that’s exactly what the Fishmonger wants.

To increase your chances of catching an Aberrated Fish, try fishing at different locations and times of the day. Some fish species may have a higher likelihood of producing an Aberrated Fish under specific conditions. Keep in mind that fishing at night can sometimes lead to strange occurrences, but it might also increase the chances of finding an Aberrated Fish. Always be prepared for the unexpected when fishing in Dredge.

Once you have caught an Aberrated Fish, return it to the Fishmonger to complete the Caught to Order Pursuit. By following this comprehensive guide and applying your newly acquired fishing skills, you’ll successfully navigate through the quest and complete it in no time. Not only will you have a deeper understanding of fish locations and how to catch various fish species like Gulf Flounders, Grey Eels, Arrow Squid, Black Groupers, Common Crabs, and Fiddler Crabs, but you’ll also be equipped to tackle other fishing-related Pursuits and challenges in the world of Dredge.

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