The Castaway Pursuit is an engaging quest in Dredge that challenges players to locate and rescue a sailor marooned on a remote island following a shipwreck. Our detailed guide will walk you through the process of finding the castaway and completing the mission successfully.

Locating the Castaway: To find the marooned sailor, set your course for grid L10, located just north of the quaint settlement, Little Marrow. As you approach the island’s beach, keep an eye out for an SOS signal assembled from sticks. This distress signal will guide you to the stranded sailor. Once spotted, interact with the signal to initiate a conversation with the castaway.


Exercise caution to avoid collisions, as any accidents could result in losing the Castaway.

Rescuing the Stranded Sailor: Before attempting the rescue mission, confirm that your boat has adequate space (2×3) to accommodate the sailor. Once he is safely aboard, cautiously steer your vessel back to Little Marrow. During the journey, remain vigilant to avoid hazards that could damage your boat’s hull. The castaway’s safety depends on your careful navigation, as any damage to the grid where he is situated may result in his demise. In such a case, you would lose the opportunity to complete this pursuit unless you restart the game.

Upon the successful return of the sailor to Little Marrow, he will express his gratitude by gifting you a Signet Ring.

The Fate of the Signet Ring: While the Signet Ring lacks specific functionality or importance within the game, it can be sold for a sum of $90. You have the option to either sell the ring for instant monetary gain or store it as a memento of your rescue mission. However, it’s essential to avoid keeping the ring on your boat, as it will consume valuable storage space and may be unintentionally sold during a mass sale of valuables.

That’s everything there is to know about the Castaway Pursuit in Dredge. There are other interesting pursuits that you may like including the Research Assistant Pursuit and we also have a guide on How to Get Refined Metal.

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