In the immersive world of Dredge, players are granted the opportunity to harness the power of knowledge through collecting and reading Dredge Books. These invaluable resources bestow various bonuses upon players, enhancing gameplay experiences by offering a wide range of benefits such as increased fish populations in fishing spots or even boosting the speed of boat motors.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Dredge Books, detailing the steps to obtain each one, the unique bonuses they provide, and the process of unlocking these bonuses. With a total of 12 Dredge Books available, players are in for an exciting and rewarding journey, as they explore the game while seeking out these hidden treasures.

To truly maximize the potential of these Dredge Books, players must access their Boat menu, navigate to the Cabin tab, and regularly check their bookshelf to ensure progress is being made. As you embark on this literary adventure, you’ll learn how to effectively manage your time and resources, unlocking the full power of the Dredge Books and enhancing your gameplay experience.

The Engineer’s Companion Book Location

Dredge Books Locations

BooksHow to GetBook Bonus
Sustainable FishingFinish the Package Delivery quest assigned by the Mayor in Greater Marrow. You will receive the book from the Dockworker located in Little Marrow.This book grants a 10% probability of not depleting fish populations when catching fish using a rod.
Rods, Reels and RigsFinish the Caught to Order quest given by the Fishmonger in Great Marrow. You can initiate this mission after your first conversation with The Collector.This book enhances the efficiency of rods, allowing them to reel in fish 10% more effectively.
Correct Engine OperationSpeak with the Shipwright located in Greater Marrow.This book boosts engine performance, increasing movement speed by 5% more than the stated amount.
The Engineer’s CompanionFinish the A Place to Rest Pursuit assigned by the Builder in Greater Marrow. You can obtain the book from Steel Point after the Builder has settled in.This book reduces the rate at which equipment that uses durability loses durability by 10%.
The Relaxed MindVisit the Trader in Little Marrow on at least two separate days and interact with them to obtain the book.This book grants a 10% boost in resilience to panic.
Getting Over It with Mind and BodyInitiate the Crave Courier quest from the Courier in the boat located in I10. Upon accepting the task, you will receive the book alongside the package that needs to be delivered.This book provides a 15% increase in resilience to panic.
Art of the Silver TongueSpeak to the Traveling Merchant located in Gale Cliffs and Stellar Basin to obtain the book.This book provides a 10% boost to sell prices and a 10% reduction to buy prices.
A Plan for the FutureFinish the Research Assistant quest in Stellar Basin to obtain the book.This book increases the chance of not reducing fish stocks by 15% when catching a fish with a rod.
Haggling and Bartering: A GuideComplete the Figure in Blue quest to obtain the book.This book provides a 5% increase in sell prices and a 5% decrease in buy prices.
Nautical EngineeringYou can obtain this book by completing the Figure in Red pursuit in Dredge.When using equipment that relies on durability, this book can be quite useful as it decreases the rate at which it is depleted by 15%. To obtain it, you will need to complete the Figure in Red pursuit.
Pushing the Limit: EnginesTo obtain this book, you need to complete the Figure in Purple pursuit. The pursuit can be found in a house in Stellar Basin.This book provides a 7.5% increase in movement speed for boat engines beyond their listed speed.
Advanced FishingTo obtain this book, you need to complete the Figure in Gold pursuit.This book increases the effectiveness of rods in reeling in fish by 15%.

Getting all the 12 Books in Dredg is going to take some time but it is worth it in the end. You can not only increase your ship’s performance but get a range of other boosts as well including oil price reduction and equipment durability.

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