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Dreams PS4 Beginner’s Guide – How to Start Dreaming


Dreams is PS4’s most creative game ever made and it shining reviews say a lot about the efforts made by the developers. It is basically a creation tool that allows to you build whatever you want to. It is a great game but everyone would need some help getting started, and understanding what exactly they need to do in Dreams and how. In our Dreams beginner’s guide, we will discuss tips and information to get you started on the right foot.

Dreams PS4 Beginner’s Guide

Media Molecules new game features motion controls, mechanics for your Imp, and more features that we will talk about in our guide. The first thing the game will ask you to do is pick your Imp. What is an Imp? The imp is your colorful cursor in the PS4’s Dreams. This character will be by your side the entire game.


Left StickMove possessed object
Right Stick camera
CircleDrop object/back
Controller Motion SensorMove Imp Icon
Options (Hold Down)Recenter Imp
OptionsMain Menu/Pause
R2Possess/Interact with the possessed object
SquareEnter Editor

Editor Controls

SquareOpen/Close Menu
L1+CircleExit Editor
XChoose Menu option
L2 (Hold)Rotate
R2 (Hold)Move Object (Press halfway to “Nudge” Object)
D-Pad Up/DownResize
L1 (Hold)Strafe
R1 (Hold)Move camera relative to an object
D-Pad Left/RightUndo/Redo

In order to possess items, you can use the right trigger and hover over the desired item with your Imp. Items available in the game include light bulbs, vehicles, and more. There is a big selection of items you can choose from but not all are accessible right away. You can also get hold of the cone which can be moved around and provides your Imp with a functioning body in Dreams.

You will soon be done with the tutorial section of the game and be moving on to the main game hub of Dreams. You can access the game’s main menu by using the Options button on PS4’s controller or the Move controller if you’re using motion controls.

There five main elements of the game a beginner must understand – Homespace Editor, Dream Surfing, Dream Shaping, Community Jam, and Your PlayStation Profile.

  • Homespace Editor – This section allows you to edit your hub area in Dreams. There are multiple options you can use to customize your hub area, go nuts, be creative, do whatever you want with it.
  • Dream Shaping – This is the main heart of the game, this is where you start Dreaming, create your own Dreams Level. This is also the area where you can select existing Dreams and remix the crap out of them.
  • Dream Surfing –  This is basically your social area where you can enter Dreams levels created by other Dreams players. It is great for a beginner to check out what others have created in Dreams and be inspired by those creations.
  • Community Jam – This section of the game offers different theme-based challenges the player can engage in. The theme will be created by the Media Molecule team and the player will create their Dreams around these themes.
  • PSN Profile – It is up to you if you want other players to see your PSN ID or not. You can also change the appearance of your Imp.

This marks the end of our Dreams Beginner’s guide. For more help with the Dreams check our Dreams Guides hub.

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