God of War: Ragnarok has a couple of optional bosses and side missions that you can complete in order to get cool rewards. Defeat The Hateful mini-boss at six of the Draugr Holes and you get an additional Chaos Flame to upgrade the Blades of Chaos. In this God of War: Ragnarok guide, we cover where you can find all the Draugr Holes and The Hateful mini-bosses.

All Draugr Holes (The Hateful) In God Of War: Ragnarok

There following are the locations of the Draugr Holes and The Hateful mini-bosses in God of War: Ragnarok:

Svartalfheim – The Watchtower

You can find a Draugr Hole and The Hateful boss behind the watchtower in Svartalfheim. This is one of the bosses that you take on pretty early on so it is a bit easier than the ones that you face later on.

Svartalfheim – The Applecore

The next one is also in Svartalfheim but in the Applecore region. You can check out the location marked below:

Since you are locked inside a small room with the boss, this encounter is going to be a bit more challenging than the last one.

Alfheim – The Barrens

The next Hateful boss is in The Barrens in Alfheim. You should take on the boss once you have completed the Secrets of the Sands side mission. Once you have discovered the area, a blue marker will pop up on the island which marks the Draugr Hole for The Hateful.

Vanaheim – The Abandoned Village

The next Daugr Hole is in The Abandoned Village in Vanaheim. You will come here as part of the Reckoning mission where you explore Freya’s old home.

Head to the village and cross the bridge to take on the Hateful.

Midgard – The Lake of Nine

In order to get full access to Midgard, you need to progress the main story. You will be able to get to this Draugr Hole when you are in Midgard with the wolves. The Draugr Hole is north of the Raider Hideout.

Vanaheim – The Crater

The last one is in the crater in Vanaheim. You will get to this area once you have progressed the story enough.

To get access to The Crater you need to complete the Creatures of Prophecy quest. As you leave Freyr’s camp you will meet Helka and will be asked to follow her. Doing so will start the Scent of Survival side mission which unlocks The Crater. Complete the quest and you will return to the Plains where you will find the Draugr Hole and the final Hateful boss.

This is where you can find all the Draugr Holes and The Hateful bosses to get the final Chaos Flame to upgrade the Blades of Chaos in God of War: Ragnarok. To learn more you can check out our guide on where you can find all the Idunn Apples to max your health.

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