Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has a handful of Super Attacks that require some effort to unlock and use. For example, after you unlock the attack you constantly need to keep track of your Ki in order to use the Super Attacks. But even before you unlock these special moves you need to get your hands on D-Medals and Z-Orbs. These two items help you unlock Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z’s latest edition. You can see how important Kakarot Z-Orbs Farming is. In our farming guide, we will share Z-Orbs farming locations, farming tips, and more with you.

Best and Quick Z-Orbs Farming Tips

The Z-Orbs you are looking for are everywhere in the game. These Orbs are key resources in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot as they are collected to upgrade your character’s skill tree to unlock new abilities and powers in combat. When it comes to Z-Orbs there is not just one type, there are 6 various kinds of Z-Orbs on Kakarot. The full list is below but the first three of them are the most common ones in the open world.

  • Blue Z Orbs
  • Red Z Orbs
  • Green Z Orbs
  • Rainbow Z Orbs
  • Silver Z Orbs
  • Gold Z Orbs

Whenever you wish to upgrade your character abilities you need to one of the three most common orbs in Kakarot. Common Orbs are used the most which make it easier for the player to level up and unlock various skills including Super Attacks. However, when we look at other orbs they are a bit harder to find so you may find the process more complicated.

You can get Rainbow, Silver and Gold Z Orbs by taking down powerful enemies. Now that you understand what Z-Orbs are, let’s talk about how to farm Z-Orbs in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Blue, Red, and Green Z Orbs are the easiest ones to farm. You get these from pretty much every activity you do in the game.

Take Down Enemies

One of the easiest and fun ways for Z-Orbs farming is to defeat enemies in Kakarot. You can do this in the story mode as well as side missions and activities. Playing the story is a sure-fire way to get Z-Orbs but focus on side bosses and missions to get additional Z-Orbs to use in the main storyline.

This allows you to unlock powerful moves and skills faster. Explore the world and find things to do and you will get more Z-Orbs.

Z-Orbs Locations

One of the best ways to get Z-Orbs is to simply fly around the map. There are two benefits to this, you can get your hands on Z-Orbs and come across new quest givers that help you get more orbs. While exploring, here are a few locations you can try for Kakarot Z-Orbs farming.

  • Green – Near Forests
  • Blue – Check around the body of water
  • Red – Coming Soon
  • Rainbow Orbs – Really hard to find, rare spawns so you need to explore more of the map
  • Silver – Defeat Villainious Enemies
  • Gold – Defeat Villainious Enemies

Use Dragon Balls

Did you know that getting Z-Orbs is one of the wishes Dragon Balls can grant? You can get a wish to get a plethora of Orbs that can be used to train and unlock abilities and attacks.

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