Kakarot is a different kind of Dragon Ball Z game, it is an RPG and what is a Role-Playing game without side quests? There are side quests in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot called Substories. In our side quests/substories guide, we will discuss all of the side missions you can get in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

How to Complete Kakarot Side Quests

Completing Kakarot side quests is important and here’s why. Substories will allow you to farm Z-Orbs. There are 6 types of Z-Orbs in Kakarot and farming them allows you to unlock super attacks and other abilities.

Saiyan Saga Side Quests/Substories

Master Roshi’s Prized Possession (Adults)

Speak with Master Roshi to get this quest, the turtle on his island has hidden his magazine somewhere. Speak with Bulma, and then locate the turtle, now head to the marked location to find Roshi’s magazine. You need to dig it up and take it back to Roshi for some XP and special items.

Nam The Peddler (Adults)

Speak with Nam to get this substory and he will ask you for help with something on the East Ravine map. You must help him with his cart business. Head to the marked location and speak with the guy, he will give you a fossil. Now another marker will appear, follow it to the fossil area and speak to the man in the hat. Hand over the fossil to him in exchange for some food and water. Go back to Nam and he will give you Nam’s Soul Emblem.

Foggy Future (Adults)

You need to play as Gohan to get this side quest in Kakarot after he learns how to fly. All you need to do is help out the fortune teller Baba.

The Fifth Trainee (Adventures)

To get this quest you need to be Piccolo during the Saiyan Saga. Catch deer for Yajirobe and return to him but he ran away because he doesn’t want to fight Piccalo. Use your Ki vision to locate a blue cave in the area. Near the cave, up the cliff, you will find Yajirobe and his Red Ki. Speak to him to end this substory.

Telekinesis Training (Cooking)

You only get this side mission if you play as Piccalo during the Saiyan Saga. Beat Tien and the side story start. Beat Chiaotzu first as he has less HP, and later focus on Tien. Take them both down to complete the side quest.

Gentle Giant (R&D)

The quest is available on the East Ravine map. Speak with Eighter at East Ravine and he will request to be helped with the local Red Ribbon Robots problem. Takedown the support robots first because they heal everyone else. Once you take them all down you will be warped back to Eighter.

Intermission 1 Side Quests/Substories

Familiar Face (R&D)

This one is an intermission side quest so go back to Goku’s house and Tao Pai Pai will be there. Speak with Tao to get a mission to take down Saibamen.

The Pilaf Gang Plan (R&D)

This is another first intermission side quest you will find it in the West Area. You must be playing as Gohan and it opens up after you speak with Roshi. You need to help Pilaf and take down the robots to complete the quest.

Foreboding Fear (R&D)

This side quest opens up when you complete the Pilaf Gang Plan and find the Launch for Master Roshi. Talk to Bulma at her home and agree to help her. Go to the location where you fought Raditz and get the chip there. Go back to Bulma to complete the substory.

Mysterious Power Reading (R&D)

You can get this quest from Bulma, you must leave the Capsule Corp and go back in to get the quest. You need to go back to where Raditz landed and take on Saibamen. You get the Saibaman Soul Emblem.

Evil Emperor Frieza Saga Side Quests/Substories

Like a Different Person (Cooking)

Once you are done with the first Intermission, go to the Ox-King to get a side quest. Go inside the house to speak with Chi-Chi and see what happened. You need to bring two pieces of breast meat and four carrots for Chi-Chi’s fridge. You can buy carrots and meat from the town.

Wild Imagination (Z Warriors)

When the chapter starts in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot head over to Kame House to speak with Krilin to start this side quest. You must fight Nappa and Krillin to finish the substory.

Tough Break for Turtles (Z Warriors)

This is the second side mission you will get from Kame House in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot during this chapter. Talk to the turtle inside the Kame House. You need to bring 6 eggs, 7 rice, and Royal Tomato. Go to Capsule Corp to find eggs all of the place, rice is available from the Southeast Mountains food store. The Royal Tomato is in the Southeast Mountains area, head over to Goku’s house and go to the nearby farm. You need 10 Great Energetic Fish to trade with the farmer for Royal Tomatoes. The fish can be found in the underwater area in schools of fish in the West City, outside West City near the water. Search and find the fish to trade for tomatoes. Now come back with all items and put it in the fridge of the Kame House. for Turtle Soul Emblem.

Yamcha is Alive (Adults)

Go to speak with Oolong in West City. Follow Yamcha’s ghost around the city and watch him talk to people. Complete the fight section to learn the truth and finish the substory.

Victimized Namekian (Cooking)

Once you are able to meet Guru in the story on Planet Namek to see this side quest on the map. Takedown Frieza’s goons and locate the 4 pieces of Namekian Fruit. Two are in the same area while the other two are on the small island to the East.

Selfish Bulma (R&D)

Once Vegeta gets 6 of the Dragon Balls in the main story, speak with Bulma to get a side quest. Bulma wants 3x Iron Ore and 2x Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle. Check the ore spots on the map to get iron. As for the fin muscles, go to the fishing spot to the South West of Bulma.

Tourist In Trouble (Adventure)

This side mission appears alongside “Selfish Bulma” on the map. Go speak with the tourists and help them by getting Maristone. You need to go to the area marked on the map and utilize your Ki Blasts to blow up large rocks around you. Maristone is inside the rocks.

Rogue Chef Malone (Cooking)

Takedown the Ginyu Force on Planet Namek to unlock this Kakarot side quest. Beat Ginyu Force and then help him find what he is looking for. Use Ki Sense to locate the items.

Intermission 2 Side Quests/Substories

Attacked Villager (Cooking)

You will come to know that there is a woman being attacked by Sabimen up the river from Goku’s house. Keep in mind that these enemies are level 32. You must play as Gohan to help the woman in distress.

The Mystery of the Missing Tail (Adults)

You can find this side quest at the Kame House but Vegeta can’t be at your party. Speak with Oolong and Kami, and go to Vegeta. Take Vegeta down and come back to Oolong.

One Cool Dude (Adults)

The substory is at the West City close to Capsule Corp. Speak with Puar and go talk to  Yamcha. Fight the robots and complete the quest.

Ginyu Force Tryouts (Training)

The side quest opens up if you bring Ginyu Force back with the Dragon Balls. Handle the enemies to complete the quest for XP and soul emblems.

Power is Beauty

You must bring back Zarbon with the Dragon Ball to open up this quest. You must beat Zarbon twice to complete this side quest from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Power is Justice (Training)

You must bring back Dodoria with the Dragon Balls to open up this side mission in Kakarot. Beat Dodoria to complete the quest.

Saiyan Power (Adventure)

You must bring Nappa back with Dragon Balls to open up this side quest. You must beat Nappa and Saibmen to finish this Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot side quest.

The Pride of the Warrior Race (Adventurer)

You must bring back Raditz with the Dragon Balls to open up this up. Beat Raditz and Saibmen to complete this quest.

Yamcha: the Man, the Myth, the Legend (Cooking)

You can find get this quest in the West City near Capsule Corp from Puar. You may have to exit and re-enter the Capsule Corp after completing “One CoolDude.” Fight Yamcha as Gohan.

Android Saga Side Quests/Substories

Bummed About Bananas (Training)

Takedown the Trunks with Goku to visit the world map. Open the map and press the corresponding button for “Off Earth Area” to open King Kai’s Planet. Go to the planet and talk to Bubbles. Now talk to Bulma and head to Blake Bog. Use the Ki Sense to find purple orbs in the area.

Easy-Going Genius (R&D)

Go to Capsule Corp and talk to Doctor Briefs. Get the doctor 1 Skull Robo Gear, 1 Densite and 1 Silver Ore. Ore can be found at ore location while the other two are quest items that you can get from “The Robo Gear” and “The Densite” quests.

A Competitive Party With Friends (R&D, DLC)

Speak with Yamcha at Goku’s house. Go meet the group and then beat Vegeta in a fight.  Now win the bi-pedal robot race.

The Meaning of Training (Z Warriors)

When playing as Vegeta head west and speak with Tien. Win the fight to complete the side quest.

Yajirobe and Korin (Gods)

Once Goku is able to get his driving test done this side mission will appear in the Sacred Land of Korin. Go and talk to Yajirobe. Your task is to catch 2 Goliath and 1 Scarlet Catfish. You can find them in the pond near Yajirobe. You can take a lot at our fishing guide for more information.

Your Friend is My Friend (R&D)

Gain control of Future Trunks and this Kakarot side quest will appear in North Mountains Area. Talk to Eighter and beat two groups of robots.

Close Encounter of the Troublesome Kind (Adventure)

When you are playing as Piccolo this side quest will appear in the West Area, Gingertown. Speak with the couple from Namek and head to Gizard Wasteland. Kill the monster to finish.

Cell Saga Substories

Animorphaline Accident (Adults)

Once you are able to restore the Dragon Balls from Korin below the tower this side quest will unlock. Korin is looking for a mushroom from a cave but you can’t get inside. Talk to Bulma and go to Popo and give him Golden Gazelle Antler and Four Meaty River Snails. You can find these items in the Cell Games Area. Once you have the items you will be warped back and are able to complete the quest.

Crane School Scouting (Adults)

Speak with Master Shen and Tao near Orange City and help them with the robot problem.

Once a Teacher Always a Teacher (Z Warriors)

Play as Gohan and go to Kami’s Tower and talk to Piccolo. The man wants to spar you, beat him.

Master (Adults)

This quest comes from Roshi when you are training in the Cell Games. Beat Krillin while playing as Goku.

Friends Forever (R&D)

The quest is available after you leave Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan and Goku. Speak with Darlinge Polynya to get this quest and speak with Eighter before going to Gero’s Hideout. Find the files by flying and using your Ki  Vision.

Between Worlds (Adults)

Speak with Fortuneteller Baba on the Papaya Town map. Complete the fights to complete the quest.

Not Too Quick on the Uptake (R&D)

Speak with Pilaf in The Sacred Land of Korin. Fly over the area and use your Ki Vision to find the purple orb. Give it to Pilaf to end the quest.

Intermission 3 Side Quest/Substories

Krillin’s Heart of Gold (Z Warriors)

This side quest is at the Kame House where you must speak with Krillin and then go to the cave. Takedown the robots to end the quest.

An Awkward Pair (Gods)

Help Dende with the Dragon Balls to get this side quest from near Goku’s house. Speak with Ox King as Piccolo and go to Kame House to speak with Krillin. Beat Krillin to complete the quest.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Gods)

Help Dende improve the Dragon Balls to get this side quest from Kami’s Lookout. Find 1x Phantom Sand, 2x Green Crystal, and 2x Red Crystal.

Guardian Caretaker (Gods)

Complete Hyperbolic Time Chamber Renovations (Gods) and this side quest will appear at Kami’sLookout. Talk to Mr.Pop as Gohan, you need 15 Woodchips. Go to East Ravine, Olive Village. You can find them along the ravine, purple orbs are near the water.

Little Nightmare (Training)

Wish Cell Jr back and beat them with Vegeta for a Soul Emblem.

No Dirty Fireworks (R&D)

Wish Cui back and beat him as Vegeta.

Filing the Power Vacuum (R&D)

Wish Appule back and beat him.

The Nutty Scientist (R&D)

Bulma is at the East Ravine Area map, speak to Bulma to get the quest. Speak with the guy near the rocks and use your Ki Vision and Sense to locate the purple orbs.

Frequently Attacked Villager (Cooking)

Help the under attack woman hear Goku’s house.

Buu Saga Side Quests/Substories

Uninvited Training Partner (Cooking)

The quest appears near Goku’s home where you must speak with Vidal. Take care of the robots.

Gotens Groth (Z Warriors)

When you are Great Saiyaman as Gohan go to Goku’s house and speak with Goten. Find the Blue Fish near Goku’s house and take down Goten.

Daddy’s Little Girl (Adventures)

Get this side quest from Lacco Village in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Talk to Marron at the docks and catch a bluefish.

Chiaotzu the Champ (Cooking)

The substory is in the Olive Village where you need to speak with Chiaotzu. Kill 10 deer to complete the quest.

Toughening Up (Z Warriors)

Get the alternative costume for the World Tournament and this quest will appear outside the Capsule Corp. Speak with Trunks and fight him at Blake Bog.

The Great Ladiesman (Adults)

Go to Satan City for this side quest and talk to Erasa. Takedown the robots and win the race before hitting the ball out of the park

Anxious Android (Cooking)

Tell Krillin and others about Goku’s return for the World  Tournament to make this side quest appear at Kame House. Inside you will speak with Android 18 who wants you to find 3 Frozen Rabbit Meat, 3 High-Quality Onion and 12 River Shrimp.

The Good Ol Days (Adults)

On the World Tournament day, this quest becomes available at the World Tournament Area. Talk to the announcer and take down the robots.

Teaching for Tomorrow (Adults)

New area unlocks after the tournament, Aloe Outcrop area of Great-West Desert has this side quest. Talk to Nam, go to West City, speak with the farmer, and complete the challenge.

Far Beyond Frieza (Gods)

There is another substory in the Aloe Outcorp area. Talk to Supreme Kai and takedown Frieza.

Super Saibman (R&D)

As Gohan take down Evil Buu and this side quest will appear in West City. Beat a few Saibmen.

This marks the end of our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot side quests and substories guide. You can also check out endgame side quests that become available when you complete the story.

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