In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, to enter Snake Way, you’ll have to meet King Yemma and complete his quiz. To help you get through Yemma’s quiz, here are all the correct answers.

Kakarot King Yemma Quiz Answers

Answers to Yemma’s questions aren’t hard by any sense of the word, especially if you paid a little attention during the cutscenes and dialogues. To help you enter Snake Way, the following are all the right answers to King Yemma’s quiz in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

Where was Raditz sent?

Who is more powerful?
King Yemma.

Who is judged here after death?

Is there a way to bring back those who have already died?

Which question is this?
The 5th.

While the 5th question is probably the easiest of them all, King Yemma will initially say that your answer is incorrect but will later realize his mistake and will admit being wrong himself and granting you passage to Snake Way. Once there, you’ll get to meet King Kai and acquire his Soul Emblem.

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