Cooking in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can provide you with a permanent increase in stats in addition to some temporary buffs. There is a large number of meals that you can cook, provided that you have the required recipes and ingredients.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Cooking Recipes

To start cooking in DBZ: Kakarot, you need to find a campfire and select the “Cook Food” option.

The new menu will display a complete list of unlocked recipes on the left side along with all the required ingredients that you’ll need to cook it. The right side will show the possible permanent and temporary effects.

Once you’ve made your choice, your character will instantly cook the meal and eat it. But what if you don’t want the buffs right away? There’s a way of doing that.

In order to store a cooked meal for a later time, you’ll need to find a cook in the game. Simply interact with a cook and you’ll see a complete list of available cooking recipes. Similar to the campfire, you’ll need to provide the cook with the required ingredients.

By availing the services of a cook, the cooked food will go straight to your inventory instead of being consumed instantly. This way, you’ll be able to store them for a difficult boss fight or area.

Where to Find Cooking Ingredients?

There are some ways using which you can collect cooking ingredients in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Defeated enemies can drop some, some are found as rewards for completing missions and substories, bought from vendors, and even acquired by fishing.

  1. While flying, collect fruits from trees
  2. Use your Ki to highlight fruits and meat in the wild
  3. Fish at fishing spots using baits to gather materials
  4. Use Ki Blast to get meat from animals including dinosaurs

We’re working on putting out a complete list of cooking recipes and where to find them. Be sure to check back.

This is how cooking in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot works. If you’ve any more questions, be sure to let us know!

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