Doomslayer has plenty of weapons in his arsenal to choose from. All of these DOOM Eternal weapons are unique to use, are highly situational, and come with a range of mods and upgrades that make them fun to use. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about different weapons in the game.

DOOM Eternal Weapons

The following are all the weapons, weapon upgrades, and mods that you can find in the game alongside some tips and strategies to help you make the most out of them. Do note that you unlock all of these DOOM weapons as you progress through the game.

1. Combat Shotgun
This is the weapon you start the game with. Combat Shotgun can deal a decent amount of damage and is a good choice for clearing adds and fodder. You’ve got a few mods for the weapon which are explained below:

Weeapon Mods

  • Sticky Bombs: Holding LT turns the gun into a grenade launcher that can throw up to 5 sticky grenades.
  • Full Auto: You can hold LT to transform the gun into a fully-automatic weapon.

2. Heavy Cannon
Heavy Cannon is your staple Assault Rifle in DOOM Eternal. If you like the fast-paced playstyle of the game, you won’t be disappointed with the weapon. It can deal pretty damage to weakspots and can also deal with agile demons – something a Combat Shotgun can’t do effectively. It also comes in a couple of Weapon Mods which include:

Weeapon Mods

  • Precision Bolt: Turns the Heavy Cannon into a semi-automatic loader that fires high precision, high powered bullets.
  • Micro Missiles: It allows the weapon to fire missiles that seek toward the targets.

3. Plasma Rifle
Enemies like Marauder who can put up an Energy Shield to avoid damage can easily be countered with the Plasma Rifle. This weapon specializes when it comes to dealing with Energy Shields but works the best when it comes to close to medium engagements. Weapon Mods for the Plasma Rifle include:

Weeapon Mods

  • Heat Blast: Firing the Plasma Rifle continues to build excessive heat that can be fired as a powerful blast.
  • Microwave Beam: With this mod, you can charge up a shot of Plasma energy that can lockdown an enemy and cause them to explode on death.

4. Rocket Launcher
As the name suggests, the Rocket Launcher can burst out an incredible amount of splash damage in no time. It’s highly effective against bosses and clearing out a large group of fodder quickly. As good as it is in its default state, there are a handful of really interesting mods that you can use with the Rocket Launcher. These include:

Weeapon Mods

  • Remote Detonation: You can manually detonate any rockets in flight by pressing LT.
  • Lock-On Burst: This mod allows you to lock onto a target and fire a volley of 3 rockets at the same time.

5. Super Shotgun
While the Super Shotgun and the Combat Shotgun belong to the same weapon archetype, these two weapons are vastly different when it comes to stats. With it equipped, you should be able to go into the heart of the battle (DOOM-style) and start clearing adds. It only has a single mod which further increases the gun’s efficiency.

Weeapon Mods

  • Improvements: It increases the overall power of the Super Shotgun across the board.

6. Ballista
Ballista in DOOM Eternal can penetrate through fodder and deals extra damage to Energy Shields, kind of like the Plasma Rifle. In addition to this, the gun also dishes out increased damage to flying demons. Ballista also comes with a couple of mods which are:

Weeapon Mods

  • Arbalest: It allows you to charge an energy projectile that is imbued in demons and then explodes.
  • Destroyer Blade: It allows you to charge up an energy blade that will cut through enemies it passes through.

7. Chaingun
Chaingun in the game is the perfect blend of damage, range, and splash. You can use this to stop roaming demons in their tracks. If you don’t want to run around with the gun, you can easily transform it into a Mobile Turret and tank some incoming damage:

Weeapon Mods

  • Mobile Turret: It allows you to transform the Chaingun into a Mobile Turret that stops shooting when it overheats.
  • Energy Shield: With this mod, you’re able to activate an Energy Shield that’s able to absorb all the incoming damage for a short while.

8. BFG 9000
The iconic weapon from the DOOM franchise, you can unlock this weapon by checking our BFG 9000 guide. It’s a special weapon that doesn’t include any mods or upgrades.

These are all the DOOM Eternal weapons that you can find in the game. You can check our complete coverage of DOOM Eternal by heading to our wiki.

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