How to Unlock Unmaykr in DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Unmaykr

Originally from DOOM 64, the Unmaykr makes its return in DOOM Eternal as a special weapon. Unmaykr in the game has the same ammunition as the BFG 9000 and also shares a weapon slot with it on the weapon wheel. It rapidly fires 3 laser projectiles in a straight line that’s incredible for clearing adds if things start to go out of your hand. However, to unlock the Unmaykr, you’re required to do a few different things.

DOOM Eternal Unmaykr

You can find the Unmaykr locked behind a mechanism in The Fortress of DOOM that requires 6 Empyrean Keys to open. But how to get these Empyrean Keys? These keys are hidden behind Slayer Gates located on Earth in the following missions:

  1. Exultia
  2. Cultist Base
  3. Super Gore Nest
  4. Arc Complex
  5. Mars Core
  6. Taras Nabad

While in these missions, open up your map and look for a gate in a purple circle. They denote the locations of Slayer Gates you need to enter. But to enter these Slayer Gates, you need Slayer Keys.

When it comes to finding Slayer Keys in DOOM Eternal, they’re usually found right next to a Slayer Gate but often require you to complete a small puzzle or clear an area of enemies. Once you’ve found a Slayer Key, use it to enter a Slayer Gate.

Slayer Gates in DOOM Eternal are highly challenging dungeons with waves upon waves of enemies that you’ll need to deal with. A few general guidelines to clear Slayer Gates include:

  1. Never stop moving.
  2. Use your best weapon mods that help you clear hordes in less time.
  3. Perform Glory Kills to regain HP and Armor.

It’s perfectly fine to fail Slayer Gates a couple of times as long as you’re learning from your mistakes. Keep at it and you’ll eventually clear them. After you’ve successfully cleared a Slayer Gate, you’ll receive an Empyrean Key.

With all 6 Empyrean Keys in hand, return to The Fortress of DOOM and open up the lock mechanism to receive the Unmaykr.

This is how you can unlock the Unmaykr in DOOM Eternal. Feel free to check our complete coverage of DOOM Eternal by heading over to our wiki.

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