Doom Eternal Runes Guide – Best Runes, Effects, Where To Find Them

Doom Eternal Runes Guide

Our Doom Eternal Runes Guide will take you step-by-step on how to use runes and which ones will help you the best during combat.

Doom Eternal Runes

Runes in Doom Eternal are useful mods or power-ups that tweak the gameplay. Basically, by equipping runes you can fight demons in a different way. Obviously, you have to find runes hidden in each level to unlock them.

The Doom Slayer can equip only 3 runes at a time. This will further diversify the way you play the game, Just mix and match to see which ones suit your play style the best.

The following are the runes that you can find in Doom Eternal along with their effects on the gameplay.

  • Savagery – Allows Glory Kills to be performed faster.
  • Air Control – While in the air, it significantly improves movement control.
  • Dazed and Confused – Increases the duration of enemies’ stagger state.
  • Saving Throw – Survive a death blow and slow down time for a short while. This gives you a chance to recover health.
  • Seek and Destroy – Can initiate a glory kill from much further away from the enemy.
  • Blood Fueled – Perform a Glory Kill and gain a speed boost.
  • Punch and Reave – Kill enemies with Blood Punch shockwave and they drop health.
  • Equipment Fiend – Kill enemies with equipment or enemy under the influence of equipment decreases recharge time.
  • Chrono Strike – Slow down time temporarily by holding LT and L2.

Best Runes

The following are the runes that we found to be the best ones. For some of you, these runes might not be a perfect fit but for a majority, they’ll serve their purpose.

Chrono Strike
This rune allows you to slow down time. This can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. This rune is especially useful while aiming for enemy weak points. Also, if you are low on health, just trigger the rune and kill enemies so they drop health.

Saving Throw or Air Control
Saving Throw rune in Doom Eternal serves almost the same purpose as Chrono Strike rune. However, in this case, the time slows down when an enemy lands a death blow.

You’ll survive the death blow but you need to kill enemies quickly for health as the time is only slowed down for a short while.

If you feel like Chrono Strike strike rune will serve you best then swap Saving Throw with Air Control for greater control over movement speed while in the air.

Equipment Fiend or Punch And Reave
If you feel overwhelmed by the demons around you then Equipment Fiend will help you out. Use your Equipment Launcher to decrease recharge time.

Alternatively, you can use Punch And Reave to kill enemies with Blood Punch shockwave so they drop health. This will keep your health up while facing a horde of demons.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Runes Gunes with tips on the best runes and what these runes can do for you. For more on the game also check our How to Fast Travel and Demon Horde Tips and Tricks.

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