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DOOM Eternal Mars Core Collectibles Locations Guide

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In this DOOM Eternal collectibles locations guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all the Toys, Codex Entries, Albums, and Slayer Keys found in the Mars Core mission of the game. If you’re interested in collecting Cheat Codes, Sentinel Batteries, and Runes, you can check out our detailed guides on those as well.

DOOM Eternal Mars Core Collectibles

As always, it never hurts to get the upgrade that lets you see all the collectibles on the map to make it a little easier for yourself. But even if you don’t, the following are all the collectibles and secrets in the Mars Core mission of DOOM Eternal.

Codex Entry #1 – BFG 10000
You’ll automatically reach this collectible while completing a story mission. After you’re required to jump on some columns to reach the upper level, head to your left to find it.

Toy #1 – Prowler
After taking the elevator up, don’t head inside the control room and go to the end of the hallway on the right side to find the collectible.

Album #1 – DOOM 64 – Intro.
After clearing the room with loads of tentacles, you’ll need to head directly up the room. Once there, propel yourself up and turn around to find the album at the opposite end. Swing off from the bar to make the jump a little easier.

Toy #2 – Carcass
While looking for the escape pod, you’ll need to break open a grate to take a portal to a secret encounter. You can complete the secret encounter if you want but for the collectible, propel yourself up and look behind a pillar.

Toy #3 – Pinky
While still looking for the escape pod, you’ll drop down and will need to bust open a grate and propel yourself up to find another toy.

Album #2 – Quake Champions – Goroth
In the room with the Slayer Key, you’ll need to hit a switch to remove a wall and pop a pillar from the ground. You need to jump on the pillar and break the grate on the left side to find the collectible.

Slayer Key
After getting the previous collectible, break open the grate on the right side to find the Slayer Key.

Codex Entry #2 – The Lost City of Hebeth
After getting out of the building, you’ll come across a Sentinel Battery in plain sight. Collect it and stick to your right to find the note – despite being in plain sight, it can easily be missed.

These are all the collectibles that you can find in the Mars Core mission of DOOM Eternal. Feel free to check our complete coverage of the game by heading to our DOOM Eternal wiki.


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