How to Beat Marauder in DOOM Eternal

How to Beat Marauder in DOOM Eternal

Marauder first appears in DOOM Eternal during the Arc Complex mission. Although a normal enemy on paper, Marauder can be a little frustrating to deal with. Think of him as sort of a mini-boss. He attacks quickly, is surrounded by adds, and can block most of your attacks. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about killing Marauder in the game.

DOOM Eternal Marauder

Before we begin, let’s start with a few general tips that will help you play the fight out a whole lot easier. These include:

  1. There isn’t any point in wasting ammo trying to break through Marauder’s shield
  2. Marauder is unable to block while it’s faltered, an opportunity you shouldn’t miss when it comes to attacking
  3. Take note of when Marauder’s eyes glow green. Whenever they do, get ready to put all your shots to deal some serious damage to him.

With these basic pointers out of the way, let’s talk about some additional tips and strategies that you can use against Marauder in DOOM.

How to Beat Marauder?

When you come across Marauder for the first time, you’ll see him accompanied by a few grunts. If you aren’t able to get these in time, they’ll most likely distract you away from the main threat. This is why you need to kill them first.

I’d also advise target-locking Marauder so that you’re able to dodge his attacks effectively. In addition to this, you also need to try and stay at the mid-range. There are a couple of attacks that you should be wary of.

If you try to get too close to Marauder, he’ll get his shield up and whip out his shotgun. If try to maintain a distance, he’ll try to challenge you by throwing an axe your way that can seriously hurt.

Keeping this in mind, it’s generally a good idea to stay in mid-range from where you’ll be able to dodge effectively and deal damage on your own.

When it comes to damaging him, try to take note of when his eyes glow green. Whenever you see them turn green, pull your best weapon out and start dealing damage. Do note that you’ll have a brief window to do so.

Lastly, I should also mention it here that Marauder moves quickly and can easily get behind you if you aren’t quick enough. This makes it even more important to keep track of him at all times. Keep at it and you’ll defeat Marauder in no time.

This is how you can easily beat Marauder in DOOM Eternal. You can also check our complete coverage of DOOM Eternal by heading to our wiki.

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