Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Collectibles Locations – Toys, Extra Lives, Cheat Code, Modbots

Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Collectible Locations

Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Collectible Locations guide will help you with all of the hidden collectibles in the level including cheat codes, extra life and more.

Hell On Earth Collectible Locations

There are a total of 17 collectibles in Hell On Earth level which include 3 toys, 3 Modbots, 6 Codex Pages, 1 Cheat Code, and 4 Extra Lives. The following are the locations for each of the Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Collectibles.

Note that, the locations listed are in chronological order. Meaning, you’ll find them in the same order throughout the level as listed here. In case you miss any of the collectibles, you can use fast travel when you complete the level to go back and pick it up.

Toy #1

This is the first collectible you’ll find in the level. You’ll find this one behind some bars just past the chainsaw. To get to its location, go to where the chainsaw was and go left to find a cracked wall. Go through the wall and proceed through the path. At the end, jump up and pick up the Zombie Earth toy.

Modbot #1

After you have picked up the Toy, go back to the main path as you’ll find it there and is impossible to miss.

Codex #1

This collectible is “Hell Barges” and located on your main path right after the first main enemy encounter.

Codex #2

This collectible is also located on your main path. As you go outside, proceed on the main path and you’ll find the “Remaining Human Populations – Part 1” codex.

Modbot #2

Climb into the house right after you pick up Codex #2. You’ll find the collectible there.

Toy #2

After picking up Modbot #2, you’ll come across a cracked green wall. Punch through it and immediately double-jump to the floor above. You’ll find the Doom Slayer toy to the left.

Toy #3

After acquiring the Heavy Cannon you’ll have an enemy encounter. After that, you’ll see a store with “Scott” written above the entrance. Go left from here and look for the neon sign “ShuZ”.

A soldier will be firing at the imp here. Jump to the ledge above it and there will be a cracked wall to the left. Punch through it, drop and pick up the Imp toy.

Codex #3

Once you have the Heavy Cannon and after the enemy encounter, look for a store entrance with “Scott” written above it. Go through the store and on the second floor you can double jump to the other side of the floor. To the left, you’ll find the “Remaining Human Populations – Part 2” codex.

Extra Life #1

Drop down right after picking up Codex #3 and pick up the extra life.

Extra Life #2

After picking up Extra Life #1 you’ll punch through a green wall in a parking garage on your main path. Go down, then go right and punch through another cracked wall. Here you’ll find the Extra Life.

Modbot #3

After you get to the subway and past the 3 cannons shooting at you, you’ll find the Modbot on your main path.

Codex #4

After climbing the wall with flaming pipes, go through the train and you’ll find the “Formation of the Arc” codex at the end of the tunnel.

Cheat Code

After picking up the Codex #4 you’ll come across a small room with 3 zombies and a soldier. Exit the room, jump on the crate to the right and punch through the vent to pick up the Infinite Extra Lives.

Extra Life #3

After picking up the Cheat Code on this level you’ll see an extra life to the left. Use the blue vent nearby to jump to the floor above and drop down the hole to pick the extra life.

Extra Life #4

After picking up Extra Life #3, go out outside the building and kill enemies. Jump on the bus to the right side of the area and the extra life will be in the air.

Codex #5

When you enter the Citadel you’ll be able to see it. To get the “Hell Priests” codex go to the main area with the elevator.

Codex #6

You’ll find the “Deag Nilox” codex in the same area as Codex #5.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Hell On Earth Collectibles Locations with tips on the locations of each of the collectibles in the level. For more on the game also see our How to Unlock Unmaykr and Runes Guide.

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