Doom Eternal Exultia Collectibles Locations – Extra Life, Codex, Runes, Toys, Slayer Key

Doom Eternal Exultia Collectibles Locations

Our Doom Eternal Exultia Collectible Locations guide will help you with the locations of all of the collectibles including, Runes, Codex, Extra Lives and more.

Exultia Collectibles Locations

The Exultia level in Doom Eternal has a lot of hidden secrets and collectibles for players to find which include, modbots, runes, extra lives, sentinel battery and more. The following are all of the Exultia Collectibles locations in Doom Eternal.

Extra Life #1

As the level starts, go to the ledge in front and drop down to pick up the Extra life.

Codex #1

After punching through the first green wall on this level, look to your left and pick up the “Exultia” codex.

Rune #1

Will be given as part of the story.

Rune #1

This one you’ll also get as part of the story.

Extra Life #2

After acquiring the first Rune on Exultia, go slightly further back to the wall there is a swing pole. Use the pole to swing and move up the floor to get the Extra life.

Toy #1

After acquiring the first Rune, go down the spiral. However, don’t jump instead, go into the small alcove at the bottom of the stairs and punch through the wall. Here you’ll find the “Arachnatron” toy collectible.

Codex #2

You’ll reach a point in the level where you’ll get outside and there is a large statue. Tuen around and you’ll see the “The Wolf” codex across the gap.

Codex #3

In the upper room with the rotating platforms, the “History of Sentinels – Part I” codex is right next to the chains that you need to break.

Extra Life #3

After acquiring the dash ability you’ll go out and a new door is opened. The extra life is right below you.

Extra Life #4

Following the cutscene with King Novik, the Extra Lige is behind the throne.

Codex #4

After the cutscene with King Novik is over, the “King Novik” codex is in an alcove on the right side of the throne room.

Sentinel Battery

Part of the story.

Secret Encounter #1

After acquiring the Sentinel Battery, go right to the pillars in the distance. These pillars have climbable walls. Use these to go to the building on the other side where the secret encounter will begin.

Album #1

After going through the portal, proceed to your objective and you’ll find a yellow cracked wall and there is a giant hand in the middle of the area. turn around and punch the block out of the way to reveal a secret path to find “At Doom’s Gate” album.

Extra Life #5

In the same area with the giant hand in the middle, you’ll see a cave that you need to get to through some purple ooze. Jump out and climb the wall and you’ll see the extra life.

Modbot #1

In the same cave as Extra Life #5, go through the ooze, climb the wall and then off to the site where you’ll find the modbot. Going to this location is part of the story and this modbot is very easy to find.

Codex #5

Blast through the yellow cracked wall and then climb some walls. “History of Sentinels – Part II” codex will be in your path in plain sight.

Secret Encounter #2

Collect the 2nd Celestial Power Core and walk over the sword of a big statue. The secret encounter is below, so jump down.

Sentinel Crystal #1

Acquire the 3rd Celestial Power Core and use it on the 3rd statue. The Sentinel Crystal is in a pool of purple ooze to the left of the cave you pass through.

Codex #6

In the area where an Arachnatron is shooting while you navigate through some platforms. Get to the platform where the Arachnatron is and you’ll see the “History of Sentinels – Part III” codex to the left.

Slayer Key #1

Navigate the falling platforms and get to the are with two gargoyles. Turn around and see a dash boost in the air. Just make it across the gap and pick up the Slayer Key.

Slayer Gate #1, Empyrean Key #1

Jump off the platform from where you found the Slayer Key #1. There is a purple gate here which is the Slayer Gate and you need to open it. Complete the demon encounter and the Empyrean Key will spawn.

Extra Life #6

In the area where there are two electric barriers in the air, the Extra Life is beyond the barrier to the right.

Toy #2

After picking up the Extra Life #6, dash across the lava stream and pick up the “Cacodemon” toy.

Codex #7

The cutscene with The Betrayer, the “The Betrayer” codex will be right in front of you.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Exultia Collectible Locations guide with tips on how and where to find extra lives, slayer key, toys and more. For more on the game, also see our Sentinel Battery Locations Guide and How To Beat Doom Hunter.

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